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By Drew Bryant
January 2nd, 2023,

The 1911 pistol is an American icon and one of the most recognizable firearms ever created. Its iconic imagery and design are a part of our visual lexicon here in America and aboard. The 1911 is a true icon within the firearms community. During its long and storied history, we have seen the 1911 reach the pinnacle of perfection with brands such as Cabot Guns and Nighthawk Customs. During this time we also witnessed the evolution of the 1911 by Staccato(formerly known as STI) when they created the double-stacked 2011 pistol. Now, Oracle Arms seeks to bring us the next evolution of the 1911 with its hybrid 2311 pistol. The new 2311 pistol has been garnering some major buzz on Instagram.

Below, is the official press release from Oracle Arms on its new 2311. The goal of Oracle Arms is to bring innovation to modernizing the 1911 platform.

Press Release


Dayton, Nevada – For Immediate Release

Oracle Arms is proud to release an industry-first pistol design loaded with innovative features. The Oracle Arms 2311™ is the ultimate combination of race gun DNA and duty weapon reliability. It combines the time-tested 1911 operating system with modern engineering and manufacturing processes to create a pistol that is on the leading edge of industry design.

“Our primary objective when designing the 2311 was to combine the fit, finish, speed, and trigger pull of a purpose-built single-action match pistol with the versatility and reliability of a striker-fired polymer duty pistol. Not only did we accomplish that, but we did so while wrapping the platform around a magazine that is roughly 1/3 rd of the cost of the competition that doesn’t suffer from any of the common issues that current “double-stack 1911” magazines are notorious for. To make the barrier to entry even lower, we priced the 2311 in a range that makes it approachable for the average enthusiast and recreational competition shooters.”


• Available in five 9mm configurations: Compact, Compact Elite, Combat, Combat Elite, and Competition

• Modular grip and magwell provide unmatched versatility and mission adaptability

• SIG® P320 magazine compatibility allows for the use of readily available, reliable, and cost-effective magazines

• Patented debris clearance channels in critical areas ensure peak performance in austere environments

• Right-side slide lock; the first completely ambidextrous double-stack 1911-style platform

• Includes four interchangeable slide plates, allowing the use of the most popular optics right out of the box

• Innovative linkless barrel and bushing-free design provide for simple takedown and assembly

To get a hands-on experience with the 2311, please visit Oracle Arms at the upcoming 2023 SHOT Show in booth 70143 in Caesars Forum and at Industry Day At The Range.


Oracle Arms engineers and manufactures innovative forward-thinking firearm platforms designed to enhance the performance capabilities of high-level shooting sports athletes and military special operations personnel.

Our end users directly drive our design philosophy, mandating the features and the functionality that we incorporate into the final product. This function-first mindset allows Oracle Arms to push the envelope of what is possible, seamlessly blending proven platforms and operating systems with new technology and manufacturing processes.

To learn more, please contact us at or visit us online at

Bridging The Gap & Price

The new 2311 from Oracle Arms seeks to bridge the gap between the old world and the modern one. Oracle Arms uses the 1911 platform as its design foundation and marries it with the modern and modular SIG P320 to hopefully give us the best of both worlds.

The 2311 will be available in 5 different configurations allowing shooters to find the right configuration for themselves. The new Oracle Arms 2311 will retail from $1699-$2999 depending on what configuration you choose. The Compact and Compact Elite will retail for $1,699 and $1,999 respectively. The Combat, Combat Elite, and Competition will retail between $2199-$2999. The Combat and Combat Elite will retail for $2199 and $2599, respectively. The price difference comes from what is included with the purchase. The Combat will include (3) 17-round magazines. While the Combat Elite will feature an aluminum frame, (2) 17-round magazines, and (3) 21-round magazines. The Competition comes with the highest price tag of $2,999 MSRP. The Competition 2311 will feature the aluminum grip from the Combat Elite and come with (5) 21-round magazines.

The Loadout Blog will be at Shot Show 2023 and discovering more about what Oracle Arms 2311 pistol has to offer.

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