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By Drew Bryant
May 20th, 2023,

Sightmark has built a reputation for bringing affordable night vision and thermal optics to the consumer market. They are making it more affordable for the average person to dabble in night vision and thermal optics. Sightmark proudly announces its newest thermal scope with the Wraith Mini 2-16x32mm. The new thermal features various reticle options, 2-16x digital zoom, and five-color display palettes.

Below are the product description and features for the Wraith Mini 2-16x32mm thermal scope from Sightmark.

Product Description

The Wraith 4K Mini Digital Riflescope combines Sightmark’s rugged quality with the most advanced digital optic technology available to deliver the finest day/night riflescope known to the firearms industry. Boasting an incredible 4K (3840×2160) CMOS sensor, the Wraith 4K Mini detects objects up to 300 yards away in the darkest of nights and displays them on a flawless 1280×720 FLCOS screen.

Although it’s extremely light and compact, the Wraith 4K Mini features big-time capabilities. The Wraith 4K Mini’s built-in recorder produces .AVI-format videos in 1080p and/or 4K resolution, ensuring every shooting memory is captured and preserved in incredible detail. With 8x digital zoom, full-color HD imaging during the daytime and two digital night vision color palettes (black & white or black-white custom), 850nm IR illuminator and first-focal-plane reticle options, USB-C external power connector, the Wraith 4K Mini enables shooters to locate and engage targets, near or far, with speed and precision. 

Supremely durable, the Wraith 4K Mini is a solid aluminum scope that operates in temperatures ranging from 32F to 140F (0 to 60C), shockproof for drops up to 3 ft., IPX6 water resistant and capable of handling recoil up to .308 Winchester. 


• 4K Digital Imaging

• 300-yard night detection range

• Night vision mode

• Daytime color mode

• Built-in 4K video recording with audio capabilities

• 14 reticle options with 9 colors

The new Wraith Mini thermal is available now on Sightmark’s website. The new scope retails for $799.97 on the company’s website. For more on the new Wraith Mini and other products from Sightmark, click here.

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