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ARC Division Releases The Reactor 17 For The Glock Gen 5

ARC Division is a well-known manufacturer of barrels, comps, and accessories for the Glock and SIG P320. The company specializes in making quality components to enhance the performance of stock pistols for shooters of all disciplines and skill sets. One of the company’s most notable products is the ported Reactor slide for Glock pistols. ARC Division proudly announces its newest release, the Reactor 17 ported slide for the Glock Gen 5.

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Shot Show 2023: Holosun Expands Their SCS Pistol lineup with 3 New Entries

At this year’s Shot Show, Holosun has taken the industry event by storm with a strong lineup of optics for your pistol and rifle in 2023. The company also took its first foray into the night vision and thermal markets. At Shot Show, Holosun announced they are expanding the SCS (Solar Charging Sight) lineup with three new entries. The SCS will now be available for the H&K VP9, Walther PDP, and SIG P320. The SIG P320 version will feature an enclosed emitter on a Delta Point Pro footprint.

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Shot Show 2023: TYPE-A Releases EG2011 Pistol

Over the past few years, the 2011 platform has seen a rise to fame in the firearm industry. This is mainly due to the success of the Staccato lineup of 2011 pistols and the adoption of the Staccato P by over 250 law enforcement agencies. Now, we have another contender on the market with a new 2011. Type-A rifles are proud to introduce the Type-A EG2011 which was unveiled at this year’s Shot Show.

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Shot Show 2023: Glock Introduces The Glock Performance Trigger & Expands Its Gen 5 Lineup

Yesterday, Glock officially launched their newest entries into the Gen 5 family and its first accessory every design by the Austrian manufacturer. At Industry Day Glock introduced the newest entries to the Gen 5 family with the G47 chambered in 9mm, G20 chambered in 10mm, and the G21 chambered in .45ACP. Glock also released the Glock Performance Trigger. The first aftermarket accessory ever designed by Glock.

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FN America Reveals The New FN 510 And FN 545 Tactical

The FN 509 Tactical from FN America has been a big success for the company. Offering shooters a striker-fired pistol filled with features from the get-go. The Tactical series from FN includes threaded barrels, optic-ready slides, and suppressor-height sights. Now, FN is offering that same feature set in two new big-bore pistols. FN America is proud to announce the FN 510 Tactical chambered in 10mm and the FN 545 Tactical chambered in .45 ACP.