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Aimpoint Announces They Will Be The Supplier Of Red Dots For The New L403A1

Last week, the UK Ministry of Defence announced Knights Armament KS-1 as the winner of the Alternative Individual Weapon System, also known as Project Hunter. The new designation for the KS-1 will be the L403A1. The Alternative Individual Weapon System features three significant elements:(1) the KAC KS-1, (2) the optic system L900A1, and (3) a training system. The Aimpoint will be outfitting the new L403A1 with the ACRO P-2 closed emitter as a part of the optic system for the service rifle.


Aimpoint Unveils New COMPM5b At MilPol 2019

At MilPol 2019 Aimpoint unveiled their new COMPM5b. The new red dot is apart of the COMPM red dot series of optics. The new optic will come with a standard 2 MOA red dot, night vision compatible with all generation of NVG’s, excellent battery life and durability, along with a new bullet drop compensation system.