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By Drew Bryant
July 9th, 2022,

Recently, GBRS Group has been teasing the official release of their innovative new dual optic mounting solution. Earlier this week on the company’s YouTube channel they did a 15-min overview video of the new Hydra Mount. Essentially, Hydra Mount is a dual optic mounting solution that allows the end user to mount a optic (Aimpoint footprint) and IR/VIS device of their choice to the mount. The new Hydra opens up rail space, allows for passive aiming with NVGs, and keeps shooters in a Heads-Up position for increased processing speeds. The new Hydra from GBRS Group officially drops today at 1pm EDT. Patreon and Train Heroic subscribers has had early access to purchase the dual mount since yesterday 1pm EDT.

Below, is the product description and feature set of the Hydra amount from GBRS Group.

GBRS Hydra Mount (Aimpoint)

HYDRA is the first dual optic mount designed for end-users that offers a 2.91” Optic Centerline for faster target ID, regardless of gear/equipment obstructions.

Key performance enhancements include:

• Passive shooting while wearing NVGs.
• Gas mask/ CBRNE defeat
• Frees up rail space on platforms with short rails
• Compatible for cross eye dominant users
• Heads-up position for CQB and increased processing speed
• Relocating IR/VIS laser allowing for a center of gravity weight distribution over the mag well
• Universal support grip regardless of day or night operations.

Available on The Vault 7/8 @ 1300 EDT

The new Hydra mounting device is poised to be innovative and divisive in the same breath within the community. Many people in the community will applaud its innovative design that allows users to get the most efficient use of their rifle’s space. The Hydra Mount has the ability to free up critical rail space and bring the center of gravity back towards the magazine. Where it theoretically should be. While others won’t like the change and unique design language it presents. While also calling it a gimmicky and a very small use case product.

At, the time of writing this article no pricing information has been released on the Hydra Mount from GBRS Group. We will find out the final price at 1pm EDT. I predict the new Hydra Mount will retail between $200-$300 dollars. Hopefully, landing on the lower $200 dollar price range. For more on GBRS Group and their new Hydra Mount, click here.

What IR/VIS device would you use on the Hydra? Let us know in the comments below.

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