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Innovation Through Design: BCM Announces The Angled Torque (A/T) Optic Mounts

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) is a highly regarded and renowned manufacturer of AR-15s and firearm accessories within the firearms industry. BCM is well-known for building rifles that are feature rich with impressive build quality. Rifles from BCM are notable for their reliability, ruggedness, and outstanding performance in any situation. Now, BCM is taking that expertise and applying it to optic mounts. BCM is proud to introduce the Angle Torque (A/T) optic mounts.


SnapShot: What Makes A Good Rifle Build?

Lately, I have been thinking about what makes a good rifle build? Is it the quality of the parts? Is it about buying from established companies? Or is it about buying the top tier products in every part of your build?

One person might tell you to buy quality parts. My grandfather would say, “Buy quality cause you know it will last.” I do believe that to be true when purchasing goods. Putting good quality parts into your build you know it will give you the longevity you are looking for.