Lately, I have been thinking about what makes a good rifle build? Is it the quality of the parts? Is it about buying from established companies? Or is it about buying the top tier products in every part of your build?

One person might tell you to buy quality parts. My grandfather would say, “Buy quality cause you know it will last.” I do believe that to be true when purchasing goods. Putting good quality parts into your build you know it will give you the longevity you are looking for. 

Another person my tell you to buy prominent name brands within the industry. The will say, “I only run Aero Precision, BCM, Spike Tactical, or Strike Industries in their builds. Companies who make great products and come in at a reasonable price point. 

The last person would tell you to buy from all the top tier companies. Companies like Giessele, Daniel Defense, 2A Armament, and Radian Weapons. Top of the line companies within the industry but, are going to come in that top tier price point. 

It’s a really hard question to answer to be honest with you because everyone opinions will differ on this subject. To be honest with you I believe the whole build is important down to small minutiae. I compare building a rifle to building a muscle car from the 60’s and 70’s. Every part matters in the build of the car to make sure she runs as a synchronized beast of muscle and design.

You can have a muscle car that looks good aesthetically from the outside. Everything about your Mustang, Nova, or Barracuda looks like a beast. Sounds like a beast with that deep rumble from your exhaust. Every visual sign it screams its a beast! Then, someone asks to takes a look under the hood. That person looks under the hood to find out it’s engine is not in beast mode. So, your muscle car looks amazing but, she’s not ready for the track.

That’s why I believe what makes a good rifle build is the internals of your rifle. You have to have a good engine in that muscle car if you want her to run like a beast. You have to have good internals in your rifle if you want her to shoot like a beast. Basic concepts.

When it comes to internals I am referring to the bolt carrier group (BCG), barrel, gas system and muzzle device as your engine. The buffer and buffer spring as your suspension. Finally, your trigger as your gas pedal. These core internal parts are important to your build and you should invest wisely in these components.

Next, I will recommend a couple of companies to check out when it comes to the internals of your rifle build. 

The Engine

When building an rifle you want a good engine. You want to know that you can push that rifle like beast with no problem. 

Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

Everyone and their mama makes BCG’s it seems like. Trying to wade through all the BCG coatings and designs can be a daunting task. My recommendation for BCG’s are:

Spike’s Tactical BCG

Spike Tactical gives you a quality parkrized BCG at a fair price. Coming at $134.96 on Primary Arms

Aero Precision Nickel Boron BCG

Aero offers an upgraded coating of Nickel Boron for your potential BCG. Nickel Boron is a coating that reduces friction on sliding surfaces and prevents carbon build up to aid in cleaning. Aero’s Nickel Boron BCG comes in at $148.74 on Primary Arms.


Finding a good barrel isn’t as hard as finding a good BCG. With barrels you have different profiles and varying rifle twist depending on length and purpose. To find a good quality barrel for your rifle build is easy. With barrels we are blessed with a lot of quality barrel manufacturers out there. 

Ballistic Advantage 

Ballistic Advantage makes barrels in every length and popular caliber size on the market. Ballistic makes quality barrels at a fair market value price, which is a bonus. Check out Ballistic Advantage for more.

Rosco Manufacturing 

Rosco Manufacturing makes premium 5.56 and 300 BLK barrels. Rosco makes premium barrels at a great price also. Check out Rosco Manufacturing for more.

Muzzle Device 

Muzzle devices can become complicated. Muzzle devices usually fall into a form and function situation. First, there are muzzle devices that suppress the flash of the round. Next, you have muzzle devices will help the rifle shoot flatter and reduce muzzle rise. Finally, you have a hybrid of both worlds both flash hider and compensator.

Strike Industries King Comp

I am a fanboy of Strike’s. I’m not even going to lie about it. They make quality products at a reasonable price. I used the King Comp on my very first rifle build. I was impressed on how flat the weapon shot when doing multiple shots. It is a great compensator at a great price. You can find the King Comp for $39.99 on Primary Arms.

SureFire WarComp

Surefire is known for making quality products and that reputation holds true here. The WarComp is a beast of compensator that you can tuned for left or right handed shooters, which is dope. The WarComp comes in at $129.99 on Primary Arms.

Gas System

Gas systems are pretty simple if you’ve seen one you have seen them all. There are adjustable gas blocks out there for specific users. Here are two companies with good gas blocks. When it comes to the gas tube I would by the gas tube from the same company. A gas tube will cost you $15-20 bucks.

Aero Precision

Aero makes a low-pro gas block with set screw for $21.24 on Primary Arms. 

Bravo Company Manufacturing 

BCM also makes a low-pro gas block with set screw that’s a little more pricey at $44.95 on Primary Arms.

Buffer System (Suspension)

Buffer systems are helpful in reducing felt recoil of your rifle. Buffer and buffer springs are a dime a dozen. I have used cheaper ones and expensive ones and for the most part got the same experience. When it came down to buffer spring anyone can do the job. They will range from $10-20.

Spike’s Tactical T-2 Buffer

Yet, again with another Spike’s product this time their T-2 buffer. Coming at $34.16 on Wing Tactical.

Odin Works Adjustable Buffer

Earlier this year Odin works released an adjustable buffer for consumers to find that right feel they where looking for recoil wise. It’s always dope to have options to tailor your shooting experience. Odin’s Adjustable Buffer comes in at $ 49.99. 

Triggers (Gas Pedal)

Triggers are very important. You want a crisp, smooth and responsive trigger as a shooter. Trigger come in different pull weights and trigger resets. Triggers are very purpose built products. You may want a trigger for hunting, competitive shooting, or mil-spec for a clone build. If all depends on what you are looking for. I like to purchase as close to an Jack of All Trades trigger. 

CMC Drop In Triggers

CMC offers a host of single stage and two stage triggers to fit different shooters preferences. They support both AR-15 and AR-10 builds. Trigger pull weight will be between 1-4.5 lbs depending on trigger setup. CMC offers curved and flat faced triggers. A CMC trigger will cost you anywhere between $165-200. For more check out CMC Triggers.

Geissele Triggers

Geissele makes some of the best products on the market. The have government contracts to their name and they are synonymous with quality within the industry. Geissele offers a wide range of triggers for the average shooter, to the competitive shooter, or hunter. What ever type of trigger you made need Geissele has you covered. Geissele triggers cost anywhere between $167-325. For more check out Geissele Automatics.   

That about wraps it up fam when it comes down to what I believe is important in a rifle build. At the end of the day it is all about internals. As, in your muscle car build you want a engine that runs like a beast you want your rifle to shoot like a beast. To make sure that happens you need good internals and attention to detail.

What is the most important part to you in a rifle build? Who is your favorite rifle manufacturer to buy from? Let me know in the comments below.

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