Late last year, Lone Wolf released their Guardian pistol. This pistol was aimed at new shooters and could be bundled with training classes. Which is a wonderful and great idea, in my humble opinion. Now, Lone Wolf is taking their second foray into the pistol market with—the Lightweight Tactical Defense pistol (LTD). Lone Wolf engineers took their expertise and customer feedback to build a feature rich pistol for the discerning customer.

Below, is the press release, key features, and specs of the new LTD pistol.

Press Release

Lone Wolf Arms a company known as a leader of innovation in the Glock aftermarket, is proud to announce the Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) pistol line. With more than two decades of experience providing aftermarket solutions to enhance both performance and aesthetics of the Glock-pattern pistol, Lone Wolf Distributors has implemented these into a complete pistol.
Unlike many other Glock-pattern alternatives on the market, the LTD is not the result of simple geometry changes, or polishing of new old-stock parts, but rather the culmination of decades of experience. Lone Wolf Arms has seen trends rise and fall, fielded thousands of customer comments and questions, and learned what truly improves the platform. The LTD is the culmination of that experience and provides the same capacity as its inspiration, but thanks to the Timberwolf® Frame, offers a slimmer, more natural feel. Specification junkies will also note that the LTD pistols are also lighter than the original. Critical ounces have been removed from the slide for a pistol that cycles quicker, recoils less, and carries more comfortably. First to be released in the line are two slide options in the Glock 19 size range, and yes, they take Glock magazines.

Key Features

• Two slide variations available in nitride or stainless finish. Both variations offer reduced reciprocating mass resulting is both quicker cycling and less perceived recoil than the Glock 19.

• Generous, radiused undercut of the Timberwolf frame eliminates “Glock knuckle”, permits a higher grip for reduced perceived recoil, and permits larger-handed shooters to enjoy the concealability of a compact firearm.

• Relieved-radius tang assists in a higher grip effectively lowering bore axis while also distributing recoil impulse safely across the web of the hand without beating on thumb knuckle. Extended beavertail shields the hand from slide movement and disperses recoil impulse.

• Low-profile magazine well accelerates reloads and keeps fingers and palms at a safe distance; no more pinched fingers!

• The Timberwolf frame’s grip angle is well known as one of the most naturally-pointing designs on the market. This American design makes pointing the pistol as innate as pointing a punch.


• Weight without magazine: 19 ounces
• Length: 7.16″
• Barrel Length: 4″
• Height Including Magwell: 4.77″
• Width: 0.99″ Slide
• 1.13″ Frame
• 1.49″ Magwell
• Sight Radius: 5.9″
• Trigger Pull: 6.5lbs
• Stainless Steel Guide Rod
•Enlarged Magazine Release
• Enlarged Slide Stop/Release
• MSRP: $699.95

Available with a black or grey frame and black nitride or stainless slide, LTD pistols will be available directly from for shipment to a local FFL.

The LTD pistol is a feature rich pistol with a lot of thought taken into design and feature set. The new pistol from Lone Wolf is cheaper than its Guardian predecessor which will make it a potentially intriguing potentially purchase for shooters.

What do you think of Lone Wolf’s new LTD pistol let us know in the comments.

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