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B&T & Surefire Announce New Partnership

At this year’s Shot Show, B&T announced they would produce suppressors compatible with Surefire muzzle devices. B&T USA has recently announced they have exclusive rights to manufacture suppressors that utilize Surefire QD muzzle devices. This partnership is the first of its kind for Surefire.


Surefire Releases Muzzle Device For The Ma Duece

Recently, Surefire official announced the launch of their new muzzle device designed for Browning M2 .50 Cal machine gun. Surefire offers two versions of their new .50 Cal muzzle device. One muzzle device was designed for the military use, while the other was designed for the commercial market.


Building the Ultimate Rifle Experience

What if you didn’t have to ball on a budget? What would you build? Most of us when we build a rifle are always prioritizing what is important in the rifle build. We can usually splurge here or there on certain parts of the build. You might spend a little extra cash on the barrel, trigger, or BCG. You always look to make a highly optimized rifle but, it doesn’t have that full touch of complete. At, least I have that feeling during a build. 


SnapShot: What Makes A Good Rifle Build?

Lately, I have been thinking about what makes a good rifle build? Is it the quality of the parts? Is it about buying from established companies? Or is it about buying the top tier products in every part of your build?

One person might tell you to buy quality parts. My grandfather would say, “Buy quality cause you know it will last.” I do believe that to be true when purchasing goods. Putting good quality parts into your build you know it will give you the longevity you are looking for.

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My Next Rifle Build

I have been thinking for sometime what my next rifle build was going to be. I built my first rifle about a year and half ago and it came out quite well. So, I have been trying to think what I wanted to buy next.