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This week Blackhawk and Staccato unveiled their collaboration on a lineup of T-Series Duty Holsters designed specifically for the Staccato 2011. Both companies joined forces to develop, design, and test the new T-series holsters. The T-Series Duty holster for the Staccato lineup will be retention level 2 and level 3.

Nate Horvath, CEO of a Staccato discusses the collaboration with Blackhawk in an article with Firearm News saying, “The Blackhawk team has been incredibly responsive, thoughtful, and thorough in every step of the design, development and testing process for the dedicated Staccato 2011 T-Series duty holsters. They have been great partners and the product itself is phenomenal. It is without question the fastest, most durable, and reliable duty holster on the market. It is a perfect complement to our pistols.”

The holsters will fit all 3.9”, 4.15”, 4.4”, 5” and 5” compensated Staccatos. The new 2011 T-series holster will be light bearing and compatible with Surefire x300 u-A/B or x400. The holsters will also be red dot and compatible with Trijicon, Leupold, Aimpoint, and others. All T-Series Duty Holsters have been pull tested and approved at all barrel lengths. The holster comes in your chose of left or right hand orientation.

The T-Series Duty Holsters where designed to meet and exceed the needs of law enforcement personnel. Having the capability to accommodate both pistol lights and red dot sights. Just like all Staccato 2011s, Blackhawk holster are 100% America made.

The new Blackhawk T-Series Duty Holster for Staccato are on pre-order now on Staccato’s website. The T-Series L2D (level 2) retails for $149.99 MSRP. While the T-Series L3D (Level 3) retails at $169.99 MSRP.

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