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By Drew Bryant
January 23rd, 2023,

Photos from Solider Systems

Since their creation, Surefire muzzle devices and suppressors have been a proprietary technology for the company. Before, end users didn’t have any options for choosing a suppressor outside of Surefire’s ecosystem until now. At this year’s Shot Show, B&T announced new suppressors compatible with Surefire muzzle devices.

The models compatible with the Surefire muzzle device will be Rotex-X, RBS, and MARS suppressors.

The Rotex-X is manufactured from Thermax and Inconel. The 5.56 version of the suppressor is 20% lighter than its predecessor the Rotex-V. The RBS line of suppressors will offer flow through technology like we see in the Huxwrx suppressors.

The full line of suppressors that are compatible with the Surefire muzzle devices are:

• Rotex-X Full Size & Compact

• RBS 5.56 Full Size & Compact (17 oz & 19oz)

• RBS 7.62 Full Size & Compact (21 oz & 23 oz)

• MARS 5.56 14 oz

• MARS 7.62 15 oz

The Rotex-X and MARS suppressor will ship with a Surefire muzzle device and start at $675. While the RBS suppressors will retail at 875. For more on B&T Suppressors and their other products, click here.


    • From what I know about the deal with Surefire and B&T, I believe that answer is a no. B&T are making suppressors from factory that have the Surefire suppressor lockup system. I don’t know if they will make an aftermarket adapter for it as well.

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