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The biggest thing I worry about when it comes down to my firearms is security. I want my weapons as secure as possible when I leave my home. A burglary in occurs in the U.S. every 13 seconds. There are also 2.5 million burglaries a year in the U.S. with and average property lost of $2,300. With 325 million people living here in America. That makes my odds for home invasion low but still possible. That is my one paranoia when I leave my house did I do enough to protect my investment.

Let’s say my my guns are stolen there is no way for me to stop that weapon from being used illegally. That allows for the potential my rifle can be used in the commission of a crime. 

Ballistic Advantage sent me an email about a sweepstakes for a .300 blackout AR pistol with some other goodies. A way to get entries into the sweepstake you had to subscribe to Instagram pages that are contributing to the give away. As, I was subscribing to these pages I ran across this company called IC13. 

IC13 specializes in weapon mounts, pouches, blade protectors, and gun locks. Looking through there Instagram feed I found a lock for your rifle. The lock is called IC-Lock. It struck me as interesting product that I wanted to know more about. This lock adds another layer of protection to you’re rifle. Which I enjoy the idea of a lot.  I went to IC13’s website and read more about their rifle lock. 

The design is simple and quite genius in my opinion. Here is the description of the IC-Lock from IC13 Official website.

Image from IC13’s website

Description: Simply lock back the bolt on your weapon and insert our keyed IC-LOCK™ into the ejection port of your firearm to render the weapon unusable AND visually display that the weapon is safe, simultaneously.  This lock is simply the easiest safety device to use available.

NEW! More secure tubular lock style

NEW! Can be keyed alike to our Mount Up! system

NEW! Key retaining design allows for easy removal, and keys can only be removed when locked

Weapon cannot be charged or fired while lock is in place

AR15 cannot be disassembled while lock is in place

Constructed from laser engraved, anodized aircraft grade aluminum

Made in the USA

Patent pending design

The IC-Lock by IC13 essentially acts as a club for your AR. The weapon cannot be charged or fired. The rifle can’t be disassembled while the lock is in place. An assailant could try to break the lock from off the upper. But, I believe trying to get the lock off would damage the rifle making it unusable. So, it’s a win either way because the assailant can’t use the weapon for a future crime. 

I believe that IC13 has a winner in the IC-Lock. A simple design that allows you to put the club on your rifle. I love it and I will be adding to my collection to further secure my weapon systems. It gives me the added layer and peace of mind that if my weapons are stolen that they assailants couldn’t use the rifle or destroy the upper trying to retrieve the lock.

The IC-Lock comes in at a fair price of $29.99+ S&H. I believe it’s a deal and steal for another layer of security of your firearms. If you want to check out more here is a link to IC13 website

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