The last  couple of weeks Sig Sauer has been killing the game in the pistol market. They have been throwing out Ryu style Hadokens and handing out K.O.’s. Last week news was “leaked” about a bigger P365 coming to market. Low and below Sig introduced us to the P365 XL. The new P365 XL will be coming with a longer barrel, X-Series grip module, flat face trigger and will be optic ready for those who are high speed, and low drag. The new P365 XL isn’t just here, the  XL put on its big boy pants too. I believe the P365 XL is a direct contender to the Glock 48 but, only time will tell.

Moving on to this week Sig Sauer releases a P365 with a manual safety for those who want a little more safety with their firearm. The P365 with a manual safety will still include Sig Sauer Day/Night sights, (2) 10+1 magazine capacity, and the ability to handle +P 9mm. 

Following the release of the new manual safety P365, Sig Sauer released a new magazine for the P365 series. The new magazine will be a 15-round double stack 9mm that fits P365 and the upcoming P365 XL. With the new 15-round magazine you receive an additional five rounds, less reloads, and increased grip purchase for those with big hands. The new magazine ships with a baseplate to fit a standard P365 along with a baseplate for the P365 XL. The magazines are available now for $49 on Sig Sauer’s website. 

Check out Sig Sauer’s web store if you want to pick a couple up for yourself. 

SIG Sauer P365 Magazines

Flush Fit Magazine (ships with pistol): 4.3 inches overall, 10+1 capacity

10-round Extended (ship with pistol): 4.5 inches overall, 10+1 capacity

12-round Extended: 4.7 inches overall, 12+1 capacity

15-round Extended: 5.5 inches overall, 15+1 capacity

The last two weeks has been a storm of releases from Sig Sauger and their P365 series. What do you think about Sig Sauer’s new additions to the P365 Series? What new handgun or firearm are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below.

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