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I am always looking for innovation, design, and functionality to meet. Those are the three Holy Trinity of design in my mind. So, I am always impressed and intrigued when a company does all three. Matador Arms is releasing an interesting new muzzle break called The Regulator.

Editor’s Note: When I hear ”The Regulator” I automatically think of the classic Warren G song Regulate. That’s for the old school heads out there.

The Regulator by Matador Arms is an adjustable muzzle device for your rifle. At first glance it looks like a normal three port break but it is so much more. It is an adjustable muzzle device. It allows you the user to adjust muzzle blast and recoil reduction to suit the users needs. It comes with 60+ adjustment settings for the ports. To fully closed to fully open.  When fully open the triple chamber design and vertical ports allow for reduce recoil. Which will allow for quicker follow up shots. When The Regulator is fully closed the gases are pushed forward away from the shooter. No, tools are needed for the adjustment just adjust the locknut in the front of the device. The Regulator is made from 4140 steel and has a durable nitride coating. 

The Regulator has an overall length of 3.6-inches, outside diameter 1.08, and weighs in at 6.8oz. The Regulator is available in one of the following caliber and thread pitch options 5.56 (1/2x28TPI), .7.62 (5/8x24TPI) and 9mm (1/2x28TPI).

The Regulator comes retails at $219.00. Right now it is on sale at Matador Arms at $199.00. Matador Arms will start shipping their new muzzle device late June.

Here is a link to Matador Arms to learn more about The Regulator muzzle device. 

What do you think of Matador Arms new adjustable muzzle device? How do you feel about the price point? 

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