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The goal of Obsidian Concepts is to bring fresh and engaging content to the readers. I work hard to keep up with current events in the industry while creating fresh content. That can become a little difficult for me since I am a one man show. As, RVD once said, “I’m the whole fucking show!”

So, I decided to take a more measured approach this year. I plan on focusing on one or two topics a month for featured content. That will allow the blog to see more fresh content.

One of the big focuses behind Obsidian Concepts is engaging with new shooters and people outside the community. One of those cornerstones is providing the novice shooter with the tools they need to navigate that process. With that purpose in mind I plan on introducing a first time shooters guide. This is for a person who wants to get into shooting and doesn’t know where to start or what are some good introductory firearms or products to start there journey. To dispel some myths and put the facts out there about everything. So, I will be creating content about that starting this week.

The second concept I am working on is expanding the Hard To Kill series. That is a series that I personally enjoyed creating. I have a lot of ideas for Hard To Kill series that I am looking forward to creating. I created first post and I never got passed that. So, I plan on attacking that this month too.

I am a one man show and it is a lot that I want to cover. I am looking for ways to accomplish that. To give you fresh content and to mix things up a little bit. Variety is the spice of life someone once said. So, let’s keep it switching it up.

Finally, I plan on finishing my coverage of Shot Show 2020. There is a few more things I want to cover and that will be it. Then, I will be getting the blog up to date with the stories that I have been holding on to on the rear burner to focus on Shot Show 2020.

To all my readers and subscribers thank you for reading my content. It’s out there for anyone to read and enjoy. The goal of O.C. is to inform, educate, and entertain. We are all passionate about something. I wanted the opportunity to share my passion with the world. Thank all of you for your time.

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