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Let’s Take a Moment

Before, I get to the meat and potatoes of this article. First and foremost let’s take a moment to remember the freedoms and liberties we enjoy here in America. Two hundred forty-three years ago brave men decided to declare this nation’s independence. Take a moment to remember the significance of 4th of July in this country history.

With that moment of reflection let’s get into these sales. 

Time to Complete, Upgrade, or Refine that Build

If you had any plans on building an new rifle, upgrading a firearm, or refining your current build now is the time to kick in that door and handle business.  All manufacturers within the industry are offering some type of sale.

Whatever you may be looking for your next build they have you covered. Are you looking for a bolt carrier group, hand guards, or a trigger? They got you! Or are you looking for new clothing, tactical gear, or optics? Again they got you fam! I have did a lot of the digging for you this is a guide to make that process easier for you.

I will try to organize the sales the best way I can because their is a lot of overlap between sales. I will leave hyperlinks within the article so you can go straight to the websites to start saving. 

Beginning of 4th of July Sales & Discounts 

Quite of few firearm companies started they their 4th of July sales on the 1st. What that means for potential consumers is that you missed out on some deals. I know Primary Arms, Wing Tactical, Ballistic Advantage started their sales on Monday. Other manufacturers aren’t starting their sales until today or on the 4th. 

The 4th of July sales will last all weekend. Most sales will either end Sunday or Monday. From what I can tell it completely depends on the company.  Now, is the time to act if you have some items in mind you want to purchase them at a great price. 

When it comes down to the discount offered by companies it has varied. From what I have noticed discounts are between 10-30% off respectively.  Some companies are doing Amazon Prime Day type deals so be on the look out for those. While other distributors are putting certain companies items on sale for a 24 hour period. So, eyes open for potential sales from your favorite companies. 


There are a lot of distribution companies having deep discounts. Discounts range anywhere from 10-30% off their entire selection. While also doing Amazon Prime Day types of deals.

Primary Arms 

Primary Arms is offering 30% off site wide. They are also doing the Prime style daily deals on certain manufacturers. Primary Arms 4th of July sale last until Monday. Click here to check out Primary Arms

Palmetto State Armory

With PSA you have to search around a little for the deals but they are there. They are having deals on their PSA AR pistols and PSA 16 inch upper parts kit. Along with much more. Click here to check out Palmetto State Armory.


Brownells sales are site wide but, it seems to be on certain items. They are are having sales on triggers, surefire products, and others. Again a little leg work has to be done on your part. Click here to check out Brownells

Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical is offering 15% off site wide. Also, they are doing Prime style daily deals if you are looking for something particular. Click here to check out Wing Tactical inventory.

SKD Tactical

SKD is offering 15% off site wide. So, if you are looking for any gear, clothing, or in the market for a plate carrier go give SKD a holla. Click here to speed over to SKD Tactical.

Tactical Gear

In honor of 4th of July Tactical Gear is offering 17.76% off site wide. If your feeling patriotic with your discount hit up Tactical gear for more.

Tactical Distributors 

TD is offering up 15% site wide. Check out their TD apparel and Battle Briefs. Check out TD here.

Individual companies 

Just as distributors are offering sales on products so are individual companies these are the ones that caught my eye. 

Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic advantage is offering 30% off site wide! Yes, people 30% off the biggest discount out of all that I have looked into. Check out Ballistic Advantage huge deals here.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele is offering two deals. 50% off and blem products and up to 25% on other products on the website. If you always wanted to try a product from Geissele the time is now. Click here to check out Giessele’s deals.

ReFactor Tactical 

ReFactor Tactical is offering 30% off at check out with promo code “Freedom”. ReFactor makes awesome products that I have always wanted to get my hands on. But, the price of doing business is steep. Now, maybe the price is right! 

Click here to check out ReFactor Tactical products. 

G-Code Holsters

G-Code is offering 20% off site wide. So if you are looking for a good holster, IWB, OWB, or thinking about buying their assaulter system the time is now my friend. Check out G-code.

Wrapping it Up

Alright everyone that is all I have for 4th of July sales. I hope this is a good place for you Independence Day shoppers to start. I know there are more sales out there you just have to do a little bit of recon to find out.

Do you know of any sales that I should be aware of? Are you trying to complete a build or start one? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading 

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