Today, two hundred forty-three years ago brave men of the Second Continental Congress stood against the tyranny of a monarchy. In standing against that tyranny they declared their Independence from its reign. Invoked in the Declaration of Independence was equality, certain unalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of its people. The Revolutionary War that proceeded was hard and cruel yet defining upon the nation’s character. The war against Great Britain defined and forged our ideals, values, and spirit of this nation in the fires of trails and tribulations. These ideals, values, and American spirit are meant to a beacon of justice and liberty to its people and nations far and wide. Here in this nation and we as Americans hold liberty and freedom above all else. It is a cornerstone of our nation that was founded two hundred and forty-three years ago when we stood up against the tyranny of a king.

With the signing of the Declaration of Independence the men of the Second Continental Congress laid the foundation for this nation. A nation this is seeking for a more perfect union. A union that seeks equality, justice, liberty, and freedom. 

Along the road we have had to grow as a nation. We are not a perfect union as a nation. As, a country we have had our growing pains. The Civil War and the end of slavery, Segregation and Jim Crow Laws, and a women’s right to vote. These are just a view examples when America has not stood up to those ideals. In the same moment those are examples of American growing and forming a more perfect union for its people. These moments where a test of America’s character the essence of its Declaration of Independence. To stand against injustice, tyranny, and inequality. Our nation’s character was tested. Every time it has been tested it has stood up to its ideals, values, and freedoms it invokes.

Today is a time of reflection to remember the founding of this nation. It is a time to appreciate the freedoms that we have here that so many nations yearn for. The freedom of speech and press, judicial systems of due process, a right to defend yourself, and systems of checks and balances of  government power. What we have here in America people of other nations crave for. Some are currently fighting for those freedoms as we speak. So, take a moment to reflect, honor, and appreciate the freedoms we hold. Without the men of the Second Continental Congress standing against tyranny. Proclaiming our sovereignty as a nation and people. Without the Declaration of Independence our nation as it stands today would not be possible.

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