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A little over a month ago we reported about companies submitting new cartridges to be approved by Sporting Arms And Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute or SAMMI for short. Those rounds were: .277 SIG Fury (by SIG)
, 6.5 Weatherby RPM ( by Weatherby), and 6.8 Western (by Winchester & Browning). Much wasn’t know about 6.8 Western when it was revealed that it was seeking SAMMI approval. Winchester and Browning have released a coordinated reveal and press release on the new 6.8 Western cartridge.

Thanks to the press release we finally have more news about this new long-range cartridge from Winchester and Browning. Their new 6.8 Western cartridge is aimed at supporting the long-range precision shooting and hunting communities. To coincide with the release of the new ammunition Browning and Winchester have several new rifles chambered in the newly created 6.8 Western.

Over the years interest in long-range shooting from hunting to competition has seen growth in interest. Noticing that upward trend Winchester and Browning teamed up to create a modern and accurate cartridge. Engineers wanted a round chambered in a short action, like an .308 bolt action. Along with a lighter weight while maintain accuracy at longer distances. Engineers took those design initiatives and created 6.8 Western.

The new 6.8 western boasts heavier bullet weights than 6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC, and .270 WSM. It also delivers more energy on the target than the aforementioned cartridges above. Yet, the round exhibits less felt recoil than .300 Win. Mag., .300 WSM, and .300 PRC. 6.8 Western utilizes long and heavy bullets out of a short action rifle.

The Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Campbell spoke about the collaboration and the new 6.8 Western ammunition. Below, are his remarks on the versatile new 6.8 Western

“ The cartridge development defines collaborative innovation. We have designed a cartridge for the growing segment of long-range shooters and hunters that offers significant features and benefits. We strive to introduce new products that add value to our customers, and we believe the 6.8 Western will do just that.”

Both, Winchester and Browning have their initial line of ammunition for 6.8 western. Two for Winchester and one for Browning. Below, are initial product lines and pricing.

Winchester Expedition Big-Game Long Range
165 Grain Accubond LR
MSRP $38.99

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip
170 Grain Ballistic Silvertip
MSRP $37.99

Browning Long Range Pro Hunter
175 Grain Sierra Tipped Game King
No MSRP at this Time

Also, the Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Firearms for Browning, Ryan Godderidge spoke about the performance and accuracy of the new 6.8 Western cartridge. Below, are his remarks on the on the new cartridge.

“The 6.8 Western cartridge brings a new perspective to long-range hunting and shooting. It provides magnum level performance in our short action rifles, giving the shooter highly effective down-range energy, even at longer ranges, while allowing for a lighter-weight platform. We’re excited about bringing this into the marketplace.”

As, stated earlier both Winchester and Browning have several designed rifles to take the new 6.8 Western cartridge. Winchester XPR and Model 70 rifles will offer 6.8. While Browning’s X-bolt variant rifles will offer models chambered in 6.8.

The Winchester XPR will be your more budget friendly bolt action in price. Ranging from $549.99-$769.99. While the Model 70 will be the more expensive offering. Ranging between $1,079.99-$1,599.99.

The Browning X-bolt series is also a more expensive rifle offering. Ranging from $1,099.99-$2,279.99. All the offerings give shooters of different price ranges and ability to get on the ground floor with a new up and coming cartridge.

What do you think about the new 6.8 Western? Let us know in the comments below.

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