H&K M110A1

Heckler and Koch was awarded the contract to supply the U.S. Army with new squad designated marksman rifle. The new DMR is set to replace the Knights Armament M110 that has been in military service since 2008. 

KAC M110

Back in 2012 U.S. Army sent out an request for information (RFI) to remanufacture the current M110 rifle into the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS).  The U.S. Army was looking for a shorter and lighter version of the M110 with a collapsible buttstock and removable suppressor. In 2014, the Army official requested proposals from companies for the new CSASS. Two years later in 2016 the Army awards H&K the bid to replace the KAC M110. 

Now, Heckler and Koch is gearing up to deliver between 5,000 and 6,000 designated marksman rifle to the U.S. Army. The new DMR is a variant of the HK G-28/417 rifle platform. The Army’s designation for the new CSASS rifle platform will be the M110A1 or Squad Designated Marksman Rifle. Each new M110A1 will receive upgrades and accessories from U.S. manufacturers prior to final delivery to the Army. 

Below is the official press release from H&K regarding the new M110A1.

Ashburn, Virginia —Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. is gearing up to deliver between 5,000 and 6,000 complete rifle weapon systems to the US Amy, which plans to deploy them as M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifles (SDMR).

The new HK rifle is a variant of the 7.62 mm G28/HK417. Under terms of the agreement, the rifles, which are manufactured by HK in Oberndorf, Germany will begin to arrive in the HK-USA facility in Columbus, GA early next year. There, HK-USA workers will install scopes and mounts purchased by the Army under a separate agreement. Additionally, HK-USA staff will kit the scoped rifles with additional accessories from 12 other US-based manufacturers to round out the complete SDMR weapon system delivered to the Army. Heckler & Koch will also provide spare parts, support, and training.

“This is a significant achievement for Heckler & Koch,” HK-USA COO/CSO Michael Holley said. “The HK SDMR system will add much-needed capabilities to virtually every squad in the Army. We are honored by this opportunity.”

Holley also added that this award, combined with the recent USMC M27 purchase, as well as several other international contracts, further solidifies Heckler & Koch’s position as one of the world leaders in small arms development.

Beyond the SDMR, recent HK major contracts of record include:

US Marine Corps – M27 Rifle

US Army – CSASS/SDMR Rifle

Berlin Police – SFP 9(VP 9) pistol

Bavarian State Police – SFP 9(VP 9) pistol

French Army – 416 Rifle

British Army – SA80 upgrade

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