Early this week Hipefire announced the release of a new line of drop-in triggers. The new family of triggers is called Phantom and are planned to be available in spring of this year. Announcement video located above.

The new Phantom family of triggers come in four variants. I wasn’t able to find any information on the differences. The only difference I know for sure one is designed for the Sig MCX. The Phantom triggers come with a 2 lb. pull and the signature Hipefire adjustable shoe for maximum customization. 

All four versions of the Phantom triggers comes in at $180. Which makes it price point competitive with other drop-in triggers on the market. 

Below is the press release and specs/features of the new Phantom Family of triggers. 

Press Release 

HIPERFIRE’s customer base has clamored for an AR drop-in trigger that features the “feel” and hard-hitting hammers its triggers are known for.

Most aftermarket drop-ins are notorious for LPS, light primer strikes. To get the pull weight down, designers have compromised their hammer fall. Not so with the new PHANTOM line of triggers.

These drop-ins pull at around 2 lbs. and sport HIPERFIRE’s unique HIPERSHOE that now mounts onto a curved bow, not just straight.

The hammer strikes surpass SAAMI’s copper crusher spec and hit harder than MIL-spec M4/16 hammers.

Wow! The pull? It’s single stage. It’s short, sweet, and smooth as butter. That’s one reason we call it the PHANTOM, the “feel” is almost transparent to the shooter.

To top it all off, no PCC blowback violence can touch it. The four PHANTOM versions feature a hammer collision bumper. Its disconnector and disconnector spring are impact and crush protected.

Is it just for PCC? No way. It’s just an excellent trigger. Anyone can appreciate it shooting slow, fast, short-range, or for long-range precision, and on the move, it surpasses SAAMI’s rough handling specification.

Be the first to shoot it at Industry Day at the Range, the day before Shot Show 2020 at HIPERFIRE’s full-auto lane. See it, feel it, at HIPERFIRE’s Shot Show 2020 booth #3016. For more information, visit


• Drop-In Power

• 2 lb Pull

• MIL-Grade Hammer Strike, No LPS, Ever


• Exceptionally Smooth Feel

• Enhanced Corrosion Protection

• Polished Look

• PCC Blowback Tough

• Hammer Collision Bumper

• Disconnector Crash Protection

• Disconnector Spring Crush Protection

• US Patents: 9052149, 9175917, 9696103, 10006733

• Other US Patents Pending

• Curved Trigger Bow with a Backbone™

• HIPERSHOE® Finger Pad Revolution™

• Changes the Trigger Lever Length for Fine Weight Adjustment

• Changes the Trigger Lever Length to Further Adjust Pre-Travel

• Position Your Finger in the Same Place Every Time

• Reduces the Perception of Trigger Weight Still Further

What do you think about Hipefire’s new Phantom lineup? Would you look to the new Phantom trigger for your next build? Let us know the comments below. 

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