Recently, I took the initiative and jumped on a opportunity that was presented to me through social media. One that will hopefully allow the blog to grow and reach a wider audience with Obsidian Concepts. I have a passion for making meaningful and useful content for my readers. Having the content posted on Obsidian Concepts reach more people is an amazing opportunity in my book. Here is a quick rundown on how I ended up collaborating with ReFactor Tactical. 

A couple of weeks ago I was doing my daily Instagram story stroll when I ran into one that completely caught me by surprise. On ReFactor Tactical Instagram story they were looking for owners of firearms blogs to reach out to them to potential collaborate on content creation. When I initially read the story post I didn’t believe it. 

Mentally, while reading the story again I was like, “Hold on! Hold on! Wait a damn minute! You serious ReFactor!? My young blog as a chance to work with you?” 

I honestly had to re-read the post like three times making sure I was comprehending the story correctly. I was excited about the opportunity like a kid in the candy store. So, I jumped in!

I continue to the next post in their story. ReFactor advises potential content creators to slide into those DM’s. Which I completely did! When I was writing the message it honestly felt like asking out a hot girl in high school. You want to be cool but, not too eager. Smooth yet, mysterious. Confident but, not arrogant. At the same time not putting your foot in your mouth or saying something completely stupid to ruin your chances. That’s how I felt when I was trying to reach out to ReFactor.

In my mind I was like, “How do I put that I just started this blog only a few months ago? With limited content how do I market my passion for this project? Do I leave links to articles so they get a feel of my writing style?” 

To say the least I was trying to hit on the hot chick and not mess it up. So, I figure out a well balance message and I hit that send button. After I sent that message it was intense. I was waiting for a response back from someone apart of ReFactor. Finally, Day 2 I receive a message giving me a email to contact. 

When, I received that message they wanted to potential work with me I was hyped up! It let me know that I make content up to the standard that ReFactor Tactical is open to the idea of working with me. That was such a big win in my book. 

I emailed the person I was told to get in contact with.  We discuss through various emails what ReFactor is looking for. What type of content I would be creating for them. How it would be posted and all that jazz. Recently, we have ironed out all the details and the collaboration is good to go. 

The content I will be creating for ReFactor is on concealed carry. I was advised I can branch out into other areas and collaborate on other things once they see how my content is going to rollout. Within the concealed carry content I am going to start off from bottom and build a solid foundation. Discuss the laws, why you should carry, picking a the right CCW pistol for you, and etc. I believe solid foundation of knowledge is necessary in anything we do. The intent with this content with ReFactor is to the reach the novice to the experienced CCW owner. Hopefully, I will be able to spread my wings and collaborate more with ReFactor in the future.

Having this amazing opportunity to work with ReFactor Tactical in my mind is a very big deal. They are very well know in the military, law enforcement, and firearms community. They are a group of SOF professionals creating products and gear to make military and law enforcement better equipped and better prepared. I love what the company stands for and the expertise they bring to the market with their experience. It is a honor and privilege to be able to work with ReFactor Tactical on concealed carry content. In all I do for Obsidian Concepts I will pour my passion into my work. In turn hopefully my passion and hard work will payoff big for me. 

What do you think about ReFactor Tactical? Have you tired any of their products? What is a concealed carry topic you would like me to cover? Let me know in the comments below.

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