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Expanding and Diversifying Content

As, Wu-Tang Financial and RZA told us from back in the day, “You need to diversify your bonds, nigga.” RZA also demanded we, “Protect your goddamn neck!” Wu-Tang Financial was there for their clients. The Wu-Tang Financial skit is one of my favorite skits from the Chappelle’s Show. The Chappelle’s Show was always real, raw, and truthful. 

Recently, I was looking for ways to expand my content to reach more readers on Obsidian Concepts. I want to create engaging and fun content for readers to enjoy and bring in new readers from different perspectives. 

When, I started really brainstorming on how to expand and diversify my content I thought of RZA telling me to, “Diversify dem bonds, son.” I want to reach and engage as many people as I can with Obsidian Concepts. Readers like to be informed but, people are also looking for something light and entertaining. A way for me to do that is by branching out and creating more engaging content. 

It’s time to diversify and create new content for the O.C. With this new content I began to think about what other topics that interests me and keeping it within the realm of firearms. First and foremost I am a firearms blog. That identity will never change but, we will grow and evolve. 

The topics of interest that came to me were tv, movies, and video games. I realized I could make fun entertaining content within those topics. It gives me the chance to expand content while keeping it within the realm of firearms.

Here is how I plan on covering the new content. 

Movies and Video Games 

First, I will slowly begin to cover movies and and video games. Content I have in mind for this area are Top 5 and Top 10 list for movies. I plan on doing a Top 5 iconic scenes an MP-5 was used in. Top 10 machine guns used in movies. Top 10 War Movies from the 90’s. Top 5 tv shows from the 80’s.  Conduct polls and find out readers favorite characters and firearms. 

Discuss upcoming action and suspense movies that on the horizon. Suggest potentially good action movies or tv shows to check out on Netflix, Hulu or Prime. 

With video games I plan on being more refined with my scope initial. I want to cover games that interest me like CyberPunk 2077, Death Stranding, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the new Modern Warfare has me intrigued. I’m very particular when it comes to video games nowadays. 

My plan is to hopefully start rolling out this content next week. It will be integrated with my normal firearms content. I will have categories added to my front page menu once I start adding content. So, look out for that. 

Expanding into new media 

I also want to start expanding into new media also. I am looking to create a podcast that will tie into the blog. The podcast will cover firearms, tv, movies, and video games news from the past week. 

There is so much I want to talk about during the week but I am only one man creating all this content so I can only over so much. This weekly podcast gives me the ability to cover more with a weekly wrap up. The podcast will be done solo or with a friend from work who I have a good rapport with. I will try the solo stuff but I don’t know I feel about commentating for an hour or so by myself.  Yet, I know it’s possible. Creators on YouTube make money just doing solo commentary. So, I know it’s possible. 

I am working to get that started in the next couple of weeks. I don’t have a name for it yet. That has been the hardest part to be honest. It seems like every time I come up with a name for the podcast it’s already in use.  But, I will find one I love or at least one I like soon. 

I have to find other ways to communicate and reach people and I see the podcast as a way to do it. 

Creating a balance in the Force

The main purpose of this blog is to be resource to shooter and to engage with a world of shooting enthusiasts. I have a passion for firearms and the industry. Yet, I can’t be a one trick pony. I could be but, that is only going to limit my content. As, humans we are diverse and complicated people. We have many different hobbies and how we spend our free time. I want to bring in all groups of people to talk about our enjoyment of firearms and have some real discussions. While still having some fun in between. Life has to have a balance to survive. That is all I seek to create by expanding the O.C.’s content.

Do you like the idea of expanding content? What content would you like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for Reading 

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