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FN America recently secured a five year contract at $16.4 million to produce M240 receiver assemblies. The contract was awarded by Defense Logistics Agency to produced the receiver assemblies. 

The contract calls for FN to produce complete receiver assemblies for the M240 machine gun. During the length of the contract FN will provided an indefinite amount and delivery until the contract is completed in 2024. This contract will be supporting the U.S. Army, with all work to be done at FN America’s Columbia, SC facility. 

Over the last year or so FN has been doing work  and securing military contracts for their weapons and parts.

Last September, FN won the contract to supply SOCOM with Mk 46 and Mk 48 machine guns. A contract valued at $13.4 million dollars. The contract for the Mk 46 and 48 will include spare parts and engineering services for the machine guns. 

FN Mk 46

Eighty-five percent of the manufacturing of the Mk 46 and 48 will take place in Columbia, SC facility. While the other fifteen percent will take place in Belgium. The expected completion date is 2023. 

This April FN announced a $9.9 million dollar contract to supply machine gun barrels to the military. FN will be producing machine gun barrels for all the major branches of the military. The barrel contract calls for an indefinite amount and delivery, with work contracted end in 2024. The barrels will be produced at the FN’s Columbia, SC facility. 

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