Today, at Gamescom 2019 Ubisoft Paris introduced us to Ghost War the 4-on-4 PVP multiplayer in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In Breakpoint you are split into 4-man fireteams and duke it out to see has the better Ghosts. It will have 2 game modes, 6 maps, and four classes of Ghosts.

Watching the trailer that is slightly under two minutes it seems like Ghost Recon‘s play on the battle royale genre. Instead of it being big and expansive the gameplay loop is smaller and more intimate for players. You will have weapon caches to pick up better gear a la PBUG and Fortnite. You will have the ability to find drones and other gear to give you a small tactical advantage over the opposing team. You can also hack a centralized data point that will give the location of all the players for the opposing team. Also, taking from the battle royale formula as both teams lose players and time expires the perimeter is pushed you closer. Giving you less places to hide and increasing engagement with the opposing team. Finally, the new PVP will allow you to take all the achievements and gear you won in multiplayer and allow you to use them in the single player campaign. I must admit I that is a nice touch. Good job Ubisoft. 

What do you think of the new PVP trailer from Breakpoint? Do you like the team play or you prefer the solo route? Let me know in the comments below. 

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