During Opening Night Live from Gamescom 2019 it wasn’t much Modern Warfare news. Just a rehash of previous information and what the goal is for this upcoming Modern Warfare game. The one bit of news we did receive was on a 2V2 multiplayer mode for Modern Warfare. Fans of the franchise with a PS4 will be able to test the alpha for the 2V2 this weekend only. 

In the 2V2 alpha trailer the maps seem designed for close quarter combat with just a mix of long range shooting. In the trailer you see a little bit of both style of engagements. There will be five maps for the 2V2. Those maps are called King, Stack, Speedball, Docks, and Pine. Every location offering a different level design and motif. The rest of the footage is a montage of firefights and teammates working together. It seems like it could be a deeply strategic game mode, which is a nice change of pace because I’m not a big multiplayer fan. 

If your a PlayStation owner I would keep an eye out for it and give it run for its money and see what you think.

What did you think about the new Modern Warfare news? Have you seen the trailer? If not check it out above and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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