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By Drew Bryant
December 19th, 2022,

Over the past few years, Arizona-based Blackout Defense has emerged as a firearm manufacturer striving for innovation and refinement of the AR platform. The company has taken its aerospace manufacturing roots to improve and refine components within the platform. Components such as their Zero Stop triggers, barrel and receiver locking systems, to Blackout’s hybrid muzzle devices. These refinements within the AR platform along with their exceptional build quality has led to the company’s growth and expanding presence within the industry. Unfortunately, Californian shooters haven’t had the opportunity to experience one of Blackout’s rifles due to their state’s laws—until now. Blackout Defense is proud to announce the launch of Cali-compliant rifles to their website.

Below, is the press release from Blackout Defense announcement on their new Cali-compliant rifles.

Press Release


Phoenix, Arizona – Due to popular demand, Blackout Defense will begin building fixed magazine California-compliant rifles. Their rifle builder web page allows customers to fully customize a Blackout Defense rifle, and it now includes a fixed-magazine option specifically for California residents.

“Our triggers and accessories have always pleased the California market, and we are thrilled to finally offer a complete rifle option to our California customers,” said Brooke Afshari, Owner & President. “We believe strongly in supporting the Second Amendment community by making options available within the bounds of the law even in restrictive states.”

The California-compliant maglock will come installed from the factory and is available for both the award-winning Quantum Mark 2 and Quantum DTL rifles. Blackout Defense’s rifles are also already compliant in Maryland, and readily may be made compliant in New Jersey. All Blackout Defense rifles ship with one state-compliant magazine.

About Blackout Defense

The Blackout Defense team has a strong history in mission-critical worlds such as aerospace dating back over 15 years. They use their expertise from outside industries to elevate firearms innovation, development, and manufacturing techniques. They hold several patents and patent-pending on many of their products including barrel systems, receivers, and drop-in triggers. Based in Chandler, Arizona, Blackout Defense operates out of their state-of-the-art facility where they design and manufacture all of their products in-house. Learn more at

The news of California owners being able to own and shoot a Blackout Defense rifle is a win for the shooting community of Cali. Unfortunately, their strict gun laws put excessive restrictions on rifles and how they can be set up.

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