Tomorrow, House Democrats will try to push bill HR 1296 through the House and into the senate. The bill would reintroduce the 1994 assault rifle ban. While also banning nearly all semiautomatic rifles, as well as AR and AK pistols, and institute “buy back program” for your property. Click here to read HR 1296 proposed legislation.

An overwhelming majority of House Democrats support bill HR 1296. There are 211 House Democrats that are co-sponsors of this legislation, according to This bill was authored and introduced by Rep. David Ciciilline of Rhode Island.

This is again a blatant attack on our right to keep and bear arms. The Democratic party has no regards for our rights and freedoms under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers stated that these were inalienable rights of the individual and should be protected. We shouldn’t tread on law abiding citizens out of fear of what could happen. Stand up and let your voice be heard. At Firearm Policy Coalition you can send an email to your State representatives telling them not to support this bill. On you can sign a petition against the bill. Let’s see if the House Democrats will listen to their constituents.

Below is a quick legal brief from Firearm Policy Coalition. 

Bill/Issue: HR 1296 – “Assault Weapons” Ban of 2019

Position: OPPOSED

Author: Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI)

House Democrats are corralling votes for a federal “Assault Weapons” ban in anticipation of a Sept. 25 hearing.

HR 1296 would ban nearly all semiautomatic rifles, as well as AR and AK pistols, and institute a “buy-back” program for your property. 

This awful legislation represents one of the largest attacks on self-defense rights and individual freedom since the gun and magazine bans of the Bill Clinton administration.

What’s more, the government insultingly believes it can “buy back” property it never owned in the first place!

“The government cannot ‘buy back’ firearms it never owned in the first place,” said FPC President Brandon Combs. “The people of the United States would not comply with a total ban or submit their property for destruction. It’s just not going to happen. Politicians are talking about gun bans for attention and free media exposure just like mass killers do.”

These outrageous calls to ban “Assault Weapons” are rooted in ignorance, would render tens of millions of Americans more unsafe, illegally force law-abiding gun owners to divest themselves of their property, and possibly even send the SWAT team to your door to enforce this awful ban.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you take IMMEDIATE action to stop this “Assault Weapons” ban before it can be called to a vote.

With a hearing on this legislation mere days away, we cannot afford to delay taking action.

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