A British SAS Operator kills 5 terrorists with in seven seconds in a raid last fall. Two of the terrorists were wearing suicide vests and where planning on carrying out attacks when the raid happened.

The raid took place in Iraq on an islamic state outpost in Baghdad. British SAS, MI-6, and Iraqi special forces had been giving intelligence that the outpost was a suspected bomb factory in Baghdad. 

A SAS squad did surveillance on the house for several days before raiding the compound. After receiving multiple reports of planned suicide bombing. 

The raid began just before dawn, with a breach team entering through a doorway into the courtyard of the compound. 

As, soon as the SAS made entry they were faced with a group of radical militants who were heavily armed. 

A SAS operative apart of the breach team fired on the hostiles with is Benelli M4, killing the first three of the would-be bombers. 

One source details the events and actions of the SAS operative, “The terrorists were no more than a few feet away when the SAS team came face to face with them. 

They had just finished morning prayers and were loading weapons into a vehicle. We now think they were about to carry out an attack.

One of the breach team opened fire with a shotgun and shot dead three before they could get a shot off. Another two terrorists appeared from a building and he neutralised them as well.

It was a case of bang, bang, bang, then bang, bang. It was over in seven seconds.

Several other terrorists emerged from the building but immediately surrendered and began panicking as two of the bodies didn’t have heads – they thought they were about to be executed.”

Another source speaking to the Daily Star detailed the type of suicide vest stating, “Suicide vests were found on two of the dead. The vests had slabs of plastic explosives and ball bearings and were designed for mass casualties. One vest weighed more than 30lb and most of that weight was ball bearings.”

The Benelli M4 Super 90 is the combat shotgun of choice by Tier 1 Operators. It is a extreme reliably semi-automatic shotgun that can be used in any climate and diverse conditions. 

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