Last week, the CIA released photos from Operation Jawbreaker on Twitter. These photos are simple in nature but speak volumes with their imagery. These photos released by the CIA show a glimpse into the government response after 9/11 attacks. 

For those who are uninitiated, Operation Jawbreaker is the code name for the first mission that put boots on the ground in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. Fifteen days later after the 9/11 attack the CIA had boots on the ground in Afghanistan. That response time is incredible. The CIA agents flew in a Mi-17, a Soviet chopper known for its ruggedness. The three photos released speak from themselves.

I will post the tweets below. 

These images are powerful and deeply important to the history of America and its people. The attacks of 9/11 left America reeling on its knees. It was an attack on America that most of us have never seen. Until that day America had been struck that hard since Pearl Harbor during World War II. In the aftermath of 9/11 we united as a nation to support the ones who had lost their lives on that tragic day. We also told the ones that challenge our way of life and freedoms that we will not stand idle by that we will meet them with the full force of our resolve. The images are important. See them. Respect them. Honor the men and women who have sacrificed for it. 

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