This week at PAX Australia Cyberpunk 2077 will be shown off at three live demos on the show floor. Local Australian publisher Bandai Namco showed off about 45 minutes of gameplay footage today. In that gameplay footage we get an chance to see a couple new gameplay mechanics. 

The first gameplay mechanic that was shown off was “Demon Software”. The malicious software allows for V, to have the ability to make the enemy attack itself. In the demo V, uses the ability to attack a enemy’s arm. From there the arm attacks the rest of the body. 

The second gameplay mechanic shown off was the nano wire. The nano wire allows for V, to hack or connect with other characters within the game. The wire also has a secondary use as whip to slash and kill enemies.

”The Cyberpunk 2077 demo shown at PAX Aus today was seemingly the same behind-closed-doors demo that was released during Gamescom in August,” according to Gamespot. If that is the case fans received a truncated version of gameplay from Gamescom. That trailer dealt with the Vodoo Boys and net running. Hopefully, the trend will persist and CD Projket Red will release the complete footage to the masses. 

PAX Australia runs from October 11-13 in Melbourne. Cyberpunk 2077 makes it worldwide release April 16th 2020 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. 

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