In the past couple of days Infinity Ward has released a couple of new trailers for Modern Warfare. The new Modern Warfare is only a few weeks away from its October 25th release date. 

The first trailer is a gameplay trailer that centers around Captain Price and his exploits within the coming game. The trailer is little over a minute long (Trailer above). 

The second trailer is montage of footage from Special Ops multiplayer. Special Ops will be 4 player co-op with the mission of taking down high value targets given in game. The action looks frenetic, fast, and fun. I think this will be a mode Modern Warfare fans will enjoy. It just sucks some of us won’t have access to Survival Mode. Thanks Activision for your greed and screwing over your customers. But, other than that it looks like it will be a fun multiplayer game mode (Trailer above).

Are you excited for the new Modern Warfare? What are your thoughts on the survival mode being an PS4 exclusive. Let me know in the comments below. 

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