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Unity Tactical is known within the industry for making innovative tactical accessories for the military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters. One of there best selling products is the TAPS switch. The TAPS is a two button controller that lets you control light and laser. Unity came out with a short lived TAPS Pro which was programmable but, it had limited success. To solve the issues with the TAPS pro Unity went back to the drawing board and developed the TAPS Sync. The TAPS Sync gives you control of both your light and laser. 

The new TAPS sync allows for customers to simultaneously use both light and laser with the activation of one button. Visually, the TAPS switch and the TAPS sync look the same. They can attach to M-Lok, Keymod, and picatinny rails. The switch comes with all the hardware you need. 

The main difference between the TAPS Sync is the mode of activation of the light and laser. Second, is wether you want the first button or the second button to be the button to active both. The other both will just give you access to your light. 

Light Discipline Matters 

In a tactical situation light discipline matters. Without proper light discipline you could be exposing your location to your enemy. Making it easier to hunt you at night. You need to be able to pop on and off that laser when you need to while remaining light discipline. So, having that ability to choose light for giving you next glimpse forward or using the light and laser for taking down a hostile. It is important to be able to flow through both seamlessly. 

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