A few weeks ago at Shot Show True Velocity and Beretta announced their partnership to produce True Velocity’s submission to the NGSW program to the commercial market. Sunday, on social media True Velocity announced that their commerical model of the RM277 is gearing up and moving forward. The RM277 designation is gone and now will be known as the Genesis.

Meet Genesis

In the new social media post, True Velocity keeps it simple yet intriguing. It is a video of the Genesis rotating so you can see a 360 degree view of the Genesis along with a short caption:

True Velocity is excited to announce the most advanced rifle ever created, “The Genesis”. To reserve your place in line to order, sign up with your email on our website at There will be limited production so act quickly. You will be receiving more information soon regarding the commercial version of the Next Generation platform “The Genesis.”

If you go to True Velocity’s website and sign up “to reserve your place in line”, you are greeted to a 1-minute video. In that announcement video from True Velocity, it shows us a couple of things about the rifle. First, we know it’s a bullpup with a 19” barrel with an overall length of 29.125”. Second, get to see some of the internals of the rifle. We get a quick glimpse of Genesis’s gas and recoil mitigation systems. The rifle is using a piston system that appears to be short stroke.

Also, another aspect to consider from the video is that the Genesis was outfitted with Delta-P suppressor. Which would require a NFA tax stamp to own privately.

We will see if the new Genesis will stand the test of time and flourish on the market. True Velocity makes some bold and stellar claims calling the Genesis, “the most advanced rifle ever.” We will all have to wait and see if that claim comes to fruition. True Velocity has lofty goals for its new Genesis bullpup and believes in its rifle.

What do you think of the Genesis? Would you buy one if the price was right? Let us know in the comments below.

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