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Recently, Fab Defense released their newest rifle accessory, the Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock, also known as RAPS. The RAPS is built from the ground up for professional long range precision shooters. 

Fab Defense Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock (RAPS)

Below is an overview of the stock along with features and specs of the new RAPS.


The new and innovative Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock (RAPS) was designed with the professional precision shooter in mind.

The RAPS incorporates the mandatory features for a precision stock; integrated Cheek Rest and adjustable Length Of Pull (LOP) but with the added benefits of easy manipulation, reduced weight and cutting edge features and materials. The RAPS to enable any size shooter to engage their target from any position, in a quick and precise manner.

The RAPS allows for a wide range of adjustment that can be done with one hand, while keeping your eyes downrange using our patent-pending 1Latch™ system, and is the first of its kind with a memory feature, that returns the adjustable LOP to its pre-set position.

The RAPS also features an integrated Cheek Rest with a height adjustment of up to + 42mm and a generous non-slip rubber butt-pad with 10mm of height adjustment.

Manufactured with extremely durable polymer composite, the RAPS will withstand years of hard use, under adverse conditions, from the battlefield to long-range matches, the RAPS stock will help you get the job done!


•  Integrated Cheek Rest & adjustable Length Of Pull (LOP)

•  Patent-pending 1Latch system, locks both LOP and Cheek Rest height with one  lever

•  1Latch system, can be configured for right or left-hand shooters

•  New LOP memory feature, set it once and the adjustable butt-pad will spring out to the same length every time

•  LOP Adjustment Range:  32mm (1.26”)

•  Integrated Cheek Rest, adjustment range;  42mm (1.65”)

•  Adjustable LOP, on AR10 from 378mm to 410mm (14.8”-16.14”)

•  Concealed picatinny rail at the bottom of the stock for use with a monopod

•  Heavy duty, rubber butt-pad with height adjustment

•  The RAPS includes  one per-installed adapter for rifle-length receiver extension tube, and two additional adapters for MIL-SPEC Carbine tubes (one for M4 type receivers and one universal)

•  Easy installation, no gunsmith required


• Weight: 620 g

• Width: 42 mm

• Height: 152 mm

• Length: 277 mm

• Height(Open): 194 mm

• Length of Pull(Open): 309 mm

The new Fab Defense RAPS has an MSRP of $175. Which puts it in a competitive price point with the Luth AR precision stock which comes in at $149.99. 

What do you think of the new Fab Defense RAPS? Is it a precision stock you would purchase for a build? Let me know in the comments below. 

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