I originally didn’t plan to do a post about Cyber Monday deals. As, I was roaming the internet I couldn’t deny some of the deals out there nor share them. So, here I am again with more holiday deals for your firearm needs. 

There are some big deals going on for Monday. You can get some good discounts brands such as Geissele, Aero Precision, CMC Triggers, Rise Armament, BCM, Polymer 80, Magpul and many more. 

So, let’s get into it these Cyber Monday deals.


Brownells is doing it big this Cyber Monday. They are having anywhere for 30-40% off of Geissele, Rise Armament, CMC Triggers, and Aero Precision. On top of that discount Brownells is offering an extra 12% off on all orders with code WBN and 13% off for Brownells Edge Members with code WBP. 

For more deals head over to Brownells

Primary Arms

Primary Arms has had some great deals over Thanksgiving weekend and it continues with Cyber Monday. Primary is offering up to 35% off of their Cyber Monday products. Brands on sale are BCM, Magpul, Aero, and CMC. Primary is offering discount on a 1,000+ products. So, they could have the item to complete or enhance your build. 

Check out Primary Arms for more. 

Arm Or Ally

Arm or Ally was my dark horse selection from my Black Friday deals. They  are back at it again. Offering great deals on brands like Aero, Elfmann Triggers, Ballistic Advantage, and Faxon Fireams. Discounts seem to be roughly 20-35% off. That is a rough estimate some maybe a little more. 

For more check out Arm or Ally

Wing Tactical 

On Cyber Monday Wing Tactical is staying strong with the discounts. They are still offering 25% off of their Black Friday items. Wing is also offering a good discount on all Aero products and 40% off of Armaspec Stealth Recoil Buffer Systems. 

Head over to Wing Tactical for more. 

Geissele Automatics 

Geissele is breaching the room and blowing the doors off frame. Geissele has everything on sale. I mean everything on sale. The have their Triggers on sale with 30% off all triggers. Their Super Semi Automatic is priced at $99 dollars right now! They have their super modular rails, charging handles, USASOC complete uppers on sale, complete Duty Rifles on sale. Literally, everything is on sale. Now, is the time to buy that Geissele item you have had your eye on. 

Head over to Geissele website now! While supplies last.

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