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On December 5th, Dragonball Fighterz is adding its final DLC character for the Season Two Fighter Pass. The new fighter entering the arena is Broly from Dragonball Super. 

The Season Two Fighter Pass has so far released Jiren (Super), Videl (DBZ), Goku (GT version), Janemba, Super Sayian Blue Gogeta (Super), and finally Broly (Super). Broly will be available for everyone with a Fighter Pass and separate purchase on Thursday. 

Dragonball Fighterz will have two iterations of Broly. The classic Broly that DBZ fans are familiar with is from three OVA movies about him and is not apart of official Dragonball canon. Broly character was officially added to Dragonball canon with Dragonball Super: Broly in 2018. The new story takes a lot of familiar elements from the original Broly’s character and backstory while change other elements. 

The Dragonball Super iteration of Broly does not have the same moves as Classic Broly. For those worried he would play the same with a different skin, don’t worry he does not. Dragonball Fighterz has done a good job of making sure different iterations of the same characters have different move sets and skills. To check out Broly (Super) new moves check out the trailer at the top of the article. 

It is unsure if their will be a Season Three Fighter Pass. We will have to wait and see. Broly enters the arena on Thursday. 

What do you think of the addition of Broly from Super? Do you like this iteration of Broly versus the original take? Let me know in the comments below. 

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