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Primary Arms & Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Collaborate On New M-16 A5 Build

Primary Arms(PA) is one of the biggest online retailers of firearms, parts, and accessories. The blossoming and booming company has also built an successful line of red dots, riflescopes, and optics. Son of Liberty Gunworks(SOLGW) is known for building a well-built, rugged, and reliable rifle for today’s shooters. The two companies have joined forces for an exclusive Primary Arms build. The new exclusive brings some old, some new, and some who will consider it an egregious crime against the M-16 platform. Primary Arms and SOLGW are proud to announce the M-16 A5.

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Unity Tactical Introduces FAST Riser for Primary Arms MicroPrism Optics Series

Unity Tactical, a trailblazer in optic mounts manufacturing, continues to set industry standards with its renowned FAST risers. Known for their precision and quality, Unity Tactical’s FAST risers have become a benchmark for optic mount excellence. Catering to popular brands like Aimpoint, EOTech, and various LPVOs, Unity Tactical has recently unveiled an exciting addition to their lineup – the FAST riser for the Primary Arms MicroPrism series of optics.

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Primary Arms Releases SLx MD-25 Gen 2 With The ACSS Reticle

At Shot Show 2023, Primary Arms unveiled SLx MD-25 with the ACSS reticle. Now, the new red dot is ready for prime time and to provide consumers with an affordable red dot option. The SLx MD-25 Gen II features a 12,000-hour battery life, auto live technology, and 12 illumination settings. The red dot also includes risers and spacers for the end users to find the perfect optic height.