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Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle has been awarded the Golden Bullseye “Rifle of the Year” honors by Sporting Illustrated. The Modern Precision Rifle features a light weight chassis with a folding stock, Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel, carbon fiber comb and free floating handguard, a side baffle muzzle device, and a 20 MOA rail.

Sporting Illustrated award acknowledges Christensen Arms quality, reliability, and craftsmanship. The MPR exceeded its reliability during their field test and exceeded the evaluators expectations. The design of the rifle was consider innovative in its design and function. Giving immense value to the potential purchaser benefiting the shooter and hunting enthusiasts. 

Christensen Arms has built a rifle with quality, craftsmanship, and innovation in mind. So, much so that it stood out above the rest and was able to bring home the Golden Bullseye. 

Below is press release from Christensen Arms on being awarded the SI Golden Bullseye for “Rifle Of The Year. 

We have always built our guns for performance in the field, never focused on the awards or accolades involved. Still, when you command the best of American engineering and focus on the innovative materials and processes required to build a better firearm that outperforms the rest, it’s hard to go unnoticed. This year we are incredibly proud to announce that our Modern Precision Rifle has been awarded the 2020 Shooting Illustrated Golden Bullseye “Rifle of the Year” Award. 

The Modern Precision Rifle is an ultra-lightweight chassis rifle that represents the best of our 25 years of carbon fiber and custom firearms experience. Beyond the folding stock the complete package is well equipped with a target contour Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel, carbon fiber comb, free-floating carbon fiber handguard, side-baffle muzzle brake, and a 20 MOA rail. Each and every element has been redefined down to the smallest components to ensure that the firearm delivers effortless form and function.

Shooting Illustrated Rifles editor Steve Adelmann said it best himself: “The Modern Precision Rifle handled extremely well throughout my test. Its action cycled smoothly, while extraction, ejection and feeding were all flawless. The test gun’s trigger broke cleanly and consistently, shot after shot. Accuracy was excellent and were it not for the fact that I included one factory hunting load that seldom shoots accurately, the sample rifle would have bested all others I have tested in the overall accuracy department. 

Of the three good loads I used, the worst group fired measured .72 MOA in extreme spread. The best group of the day was just .19 MOA. That is fantastic performance from a factory rifle that weighs in at less than 8 pounds. This rifle would be an excellent choice for back-country hunting over long distances or for other situations where shedding weight without sacrificing accuracy or velocity is most important.” 

The Modern Precision Rifle is offered in Black or Desert Brown anodized finishes and is available in barrel lengths ranging from 16 to 27 inches. Chamberings include: 223 Remington, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Norma Magnum, 300 PRC, and 338 Lapua Magnum. The Modern Precision Rifle weighs in starting at 6.9 pounds and is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.

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