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Trijicon is synonymous for building quality optics built with performance, reliability, and precision in mind. Trijicon has recently announced an rangefinder that will like change the landscape moving forward—meet the Trijicon Ventus and Ventus X.

According to Trijicon, the optic will be the World’s first handheld device with advanced wind mapping and range detection. The Ventus features traget acquisition up to 5,000 yards, collimated fiber optic laser, 9x optical zoom, center cross-dot reticle, polymer housing and scratch-resistance lenses. Trijicon is packing a large amount of technology in a reasonable sized package. Let’s dive into Trijicon’s new Ventus optic.

Thr Ventus is powered by Doppler LIDAR engine which measures three dimensional wind velocities at six different distances in front of the shooter and above the line of sight where the round will impact. The optic will be able to calculate multiple distances and winds up to 500 yards. While also being capable of ranging targets out to 5,000 yards.

Cool Fact: LIDAR is used in a wide variety of industries such as the agricultural, archaeological, and automotive industries.

How Does Doppler LIDAR work within the Ventus?

• First, you would lase the target you wish to engage. The laser would shoot and particles in the air would reflect that laser energy back at the detector in the optic.

• The wavelength of the returning laser energy would have shifted due to particulates in motion.

• From there the system measures three dimensional wind velocities at various distances in front of the shooter. The system measures the Doppler Shift of the returning light. 

• Collimated lasers don’t experience the same separation of traditional lasers. So, what ends up happening is more energy is returned to the detector for improved performance at range. Along with the ability to function through fog, dust, and sand. 

There is a lot of technology within it the Ventus. Here is the breakdown of all the technology within the Ventus from Trijicon’s website. 


Advanced Doppler LIDAR engine measures three-dimensional wind velocities at various distances in front of the shooter and above the line of sight where the bullet will travel.


Collimated fiber optic laser is capable of up to 5,000-yard returns through dust, fog, sleet and snow.


9x optical magnification and center cross-dot reticle for target acquisition at extended ranges.


Advanced polymer housing & scratch-resistant lenses.


Shooter and target geographic locations are stored for future reference when using the Trijicon® Ballistics app.


Oversized buttons and a simple menu interface for easy use.


Easy-to-adjust ring accommodates any user prescription.


Powered by 2 rechargeable lithium 18650 batteries.

The Ventus and Ventus X

The new Ventus comes in two models: Ventus and Ventus X. In the Ventus you receive the advance three dimensional wind velocity measurement and extreme ranging performance. 

The Ventus X adds a state-of-the art ballistic solver. An onboard sensor captures all relative data on range, wind, atmospheric temperature, stratospheric pressure, and angle of incline. Giving shooters the improved ability for first round hit on target. 

The Ventus X also communicates with Trijicon’s Ballistic app. The app provides the user with geo-location, wind maps, range tables, and reticle holdovers. That app give you the ability to save up to 1,000 readings within the app. The app will be iOS and Android compatible app. 

Trijicon has injected an enormous amount of Technology within the Ventus and Ventus X. The Ventus is a rangefinder which will shift the landscape of rangefinder market. The Ventus and Ventus X releases sometime during the second half of 2020. 

What do you think about all the new technology packed into Ventus and Ventus X? Do you think it’s cheating in a way or making us better shooters? Let us know in the comments below. 

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