Last week the French government approved the order of 75,000 Glock pistols for the French military. The contract also calls for holsters, magazine pouches, suppressors, ammunition, and cases. A contract that is worth $44 million euros or $49 million dollars.

The pistols offered under the contract went through extensive quality assurance and reliability tests by French STAT (Section Technique de l’Armée de Terre), according to Glock. Glock released at statement on being rewarded the French contract. In that statement Glock noted that the ‘minimum expected lifetime of 26,350 rounds’ from French evaluators at STAT. 

Here is a statement from International Sales Director Richard Flur from Glock regarding the contract. 

“This award follows several Armies in Europe and throughout the World. The importance of the program is underlined by the fact that it will equip all French troops both regular but also special operations with GLOCK pistols. We are very proud and honored to deliver our high-quality Safe Action pistols, as well as excellent and reliable accessories to the French military.” 

The acquisition was made in conjunction with with Glock’s French military market partners Armurerie de la Bourse. The first Glocks have already been delivered and deliveries will continue until 2022. The Glock 17 Gen 5 will be replacing Mac 50 and Pamas G1 aka Beretta 92. 

The new French Glock 17s are will feature a black slide with front and rear slide serrations, black trigger, with an FDE frame. 

The Glock comes with a lanyard loop to attach to one’s person or gear. The G17 will also come with a Blackhawk T-Series L3D thumb-activated retention holster in FDE. 

The French military chose to keep the stock U-shape sight with a twist. The U-shape sights will be luminescent sights versus traditional 3-Dot tritium sights. 

The French military also purchased a training system from UTM. The UTM system training system is not a conversion kit but an actual a dedicated model, called the Glock 17T Gen 5 UTM. 

The Glock will be busy the next three years  fulfilling the extensive French military order for 75,000 new pistols. Glock continues to grow its military and government contracts with modular and user friendly Glock pistols.

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