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During the last two years we have seen an influx of new shooters. During that time we have seen an influx of 8 million plus first time firearm owners. The demographic of those new shooters have primarily been women and minorities taking advantage of their second amendment rights. The chaos and upheaval here in the country has lead many Americans to take their own protection into their hands. During the last year we have seen a 10.5% increase, with an overall total of 21.5 million. This is according to Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) report. While we have also seen a 46% increase since 2016.

The numbers tell a story that more Americans are practicing their right to keep and bear arms in the defense of themselves and family. So, let’s take a look at some of the numbers from the CPRC report.

First off, let’s look at macro perspective on these numbers. In the last year their has been over 2 million new permit holders. Which beats the pervious record set in 2017 of 1.8 million new permit holders. As, a result of this leap, it brings the number of American adults with a concealed carry permit to 8.3%.

Next, let’s take a look a few different micro perspectives on the concealed carry permit front. In the CPRC they report that women and minorities are the make up the biggest percentage increase of permit holders.

The increase in permit holders for women in 2021, rose 1.9% from 26.4 to 28.3%, in the 14 states that provided data by gender. That increase could be potentially more substantial if more states had information broken down by gender. Seven states have data from 2012-2021, which shows that permits for women grew 108.7% faster than compared to men.

We can also see this data when it comes down to new minority permit holders. Data from 2015-2021 shows an increase of 93.2% in Asian permit holders. While we see a 135.7% increase among black permit holders during that same time frame, within those three states with the data.

Finally, let’s take a macro perspective again to look at some more numbers, now broken down by states. The CPRC report shows that 15 states have 10% of adults holding a concealed carry license. There are 3 states who have numbers well over 10%. Those states are Alabama with 32.1%, Indiana with 21.6% and Iowa with 16.5%.

With constitutional carry gaining traction in many states. As, of right now their are over 20 states who have constitutional carry. As, more states potentially adopt constitutional carry, it will outpace the amount of permitted concealed carry permits.

For the more on the CPRC report, click here.

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