A couple of years ago now LWRC released their long awaited submachine gun to the market. I honestly didn’t know LWRC had a submachine gun in the works. The last time LWRC brought this a prototype of this weapon system to light was 2015/2016. After that radio silence. Now, the SMG-45 out making a splash in the submachine gun/PCC (pistol caliber carbine) market.

At, Shot Show 2020, I was finally able to get some hands-on time with LWRC’s SMG. My limited time with the SMG-45, left a good impression upon me. I would love the opportunity to get some range time with the SMG-45 spend it through its paces and give a review.

Now, on to my hands-on impressions of the SMG-45.


First and foremost the SMG-45 is a sexy looking submachine gun. It is a firearm that makes you say, “Damn that’s sexy!” It’s design is sleek, modern, and bold. It is a firearm that wants and deserves your attention just in visuals alone. The design footprint is minimalist. Not anything major sticking out to get snagged on gear or clothing. It has a nice SB Tactical folding brace. So, when you need to reduce its size and increase portability it can be easily done. Making it easier to store the SMG-45 in a backpack, case, or vehicle. Which is a nice touch for an submachine gun.

Overall the SMG-45 is a beast on the design front. LWRC did a wonderful job with the design of the SMG-45. I would honestly own this firearm for the sole purpose of how it looks. There aren’t many firearms I would do that for. But, the SMG-45 is a dead sexy firearm.


The ergonomics on the SMG-45 are solid. The SMG-45 has a nice pistol grip allowing for a nice high purchase. A sturdy charging handle that looks like it can take a beating. I enjoyed the ambidextrous selector switch. The bolt catch was a nice size which adds in finding it when your fine motor skills have decreased. When, placing the stock into my shoulder it felt sturdy and well constructed. I wouldn’t expect anything less from SB Tactical. The stock allowed for shooter to get a good cheek weld fast. I know some stocks I have to adjust my chin a couple of times to find that happy place for my cheek weld. The SMG-45 has solid ergonomics.


Now, let’s talk about the trigger in the SMG-45. It’s a good trigger. To keep it simple to the point it is a good factory trigger. The uptake is clean. The break is feels responsive and crisp. It has a little bit of over travel but, nothing that is a game changer. The reset is short and clean with a nice “audible” click I love. I’m always a person that takes out factory triggers and put in new ones but, this one doesn’t need it in the slightest.


To be honest from my first hands-on with SMG-45 there wasn’t anything I really didn’t like. I’m honestly trying to think of something design or function wise I didn’t but, I can’t. The only truly down side for your average consumer is that price point playa. The LWRC SMG-45 retails at $2,995 on LWRC’s website. To put $3,000 grand into a submachine gun/PCC is a tough pill to shallow. Yes, you are gettting a complete rifle where no changes need to be made. Yet, you would need to still add an optic and light. Which is gonna to put you in the $3,500 or more range. It becomes a tough buy. But, at the same time it’s complete out of box. The price honestly leaves me torn. I can make an argument for or against it easily.

Overall Impressions

At the end of the day I was very impressed with my hands on time with the SMG-45 by LWRC. They have designed and built a sleek and modern submachine gun. The SMG-45 comes along with great ergonomics, smooth and responsive trigger, and intuitive controls. All-in-all I think LWRC hit a home run with the SMG-45.

What do you think of the SMG-45? Do you know anyone that owns one? What do you think of the price? Let us know in the comments below.

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