Fifteen years ago a legend was retired. No, one knew if we would ever see the icon…again. Revolver and firearm enthusiasts have been calling for his triumphant return. Earlier this year Colt finally answered the call and brought back the legendary Colt Python.

I am personally not a revolver person but, I do know the instantly recognizable Colt Python from movies. Movies such as Scarface, Beverly Hills Cop II, Boyz N Da Hood, and The Boondocks Saints. All those classic movies the iconic Colt Python was used.

Since Colt announced its return I have been interested to get my first look at the iconic Python in person. To experience the legendary revolver in person. So, I understand the appeal of the Colt Python.


The Colt Python is a sexy revolver. The Python has a sleek and iconic design. The beautifully polished steel. The wood grain grips that beg to held. The iconic Colt medallion inlaid upon those walnut grips beautiful walnut grips. Overall this a beautifully design revolver. It’s design is one of the features that makes the Python iconic.

Ergonomics and Trigger

The Python has a nice heft to it in your hands. It feels well built and solid while holding it. . The walnut grips feels good and give an essence of luxury. Hand placement for establishing a good grip can be accommodated for big or small hands. Overall the Python just feels good in your hands.

When it comes down to the trigger of the Python its silky smooth. It is smooth on a trigger pull during double or single action. The trigger is just buttery. The double action trigger pull doesn’t feel too heavy and the single action is short and responsive. The trigger is crisp and robust from the Python.

Overall Impressions

After spending some time with the legendary Colt Python it became clear why so many people loved this revolver. The Colt Python just smacks of quality and attention to detail. Aesthetically, it is an iconic and timelessly designed firearm. It is built with top notch craftsmanship. The ergonomics feel great and it comes with a great trigger. The Colt Python lives up to the legend. I look forward to having some more quality time with Colt’s premier revolver.

What do you think of the Colt Python? Do you own one? If you do what is yours thoughts on the Python. Let us know in the comments below.

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