Back in 2018, SIG shook up the firearms community with the release of the SIG P365. It was the beginnings of the micro-compact pistol segment in the industry of a pistol could hold more than 6-8 rounds per magazine. Instead offering to a micro-compact with the ability to hols 10, 12, or even 15 rounds a magazine. The P365 slim profile and allowed for easy concealment while offering maximum flexible to the holder to carry how they choose.

Later, SIG added to the family with its younger and bigger brother the P365XL. Still rocking the same slim profile just with a bigger frame and longer slide. Along with a 12-round flush magazine and extended magazine able to hold 15 rounds. Even, with the extended magazine P365XL was an easily concealed handgun.

The addition of the bigger P365 XL left many of the original P365 owners wanting that larger frame XL where left out to dry. Now, those P365 owners can upgrade to the XL with the new X-Change Kit offered by SIG.

The X-Change Kit features an XL slide with XRAY Night Sights, barrel, and XL grip module. All, you would have to do exchange out your fire control group from your P365 and drop it into the grip module from the X-Change Kit.

The new X-Change Kit from SIG Sauer will run you $499.99. That is a hefty price for an upgrade kit essentially but, you have to think about what your getting. The kit comes with slide and barrel, XRAY Night Sights, and a grip module. So, when you think about it it’s not a bad deal. A aftermarket slide alone can net you anywhere between $300-$500 dollars. Also, if you bought a new P365XL it would cost you around $700-800. Finally, the kit also gives you the ability to go back and forth between the two models for ultimate flexibility.

The new X-Change Kit is currently available on SIG Sauer website for those who are interested.

What do you think of the new X-Change Kit from SIG? Would you buy one? If so why or why not. Let us know in the comments below.

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