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Two weeks ago US Custom and Border Protection announced the winner for their new service pistol the Glock 47. Glock is the winner of an $85 million Dollar contract with U.S. government to produce their new service pistol. The Glock 47 will be replacing .40 S&W HK P2000 service pistol. The CBP had three Glock models to choose from as their new service pistol. The Glock 19, Glock 26, and new created Glock 47.

If you never heard of the Glock 47, you are not alone. Nor have I. The Glock 47 was designed specifically for the CBP government contract bid.

Design of the Glock 47

The Glock 47 is a hybrid Glock. The G47 takes design principles from its newer Gen 5 lineup. It will be taking design elements and parts from, Glock 17 Gen 5 and Glock 45.

The G47 will have a full-size slide that sits on a G45 frame. The barrel length will be the same as a G17. Yet, you cannot fit a G17 slide on a G47. The G47 will also have a flared magwell (like the Gen 5 models), match grade Glock barrel, and Ameriglo BOLD sights. The G47 will also sport a cut out for an RMR (taking from the G17 MOS) and front slide serrations (coming from the G45) for better slide manipulation.

Editor’s Note: I do not know for sure but I believe the G47 will house Gen 5 Glock internals. The Glock 45 is basically the civilian version of the Glock 19x. The Glock 19x sports Gen 5 internals so I’m making the deduction so will the G47.

Will the Glock 47 hit the civilian market?

The Glock 47 will not be hitting the civilian market as of now. Glock designed the G47 specifically for this CBP contract. Glock even engraved DHS CBP on the side of the Glock 47.

For the moment only the men and women from Customs and Border Protection will have access to this new Glock 47. Yet, that doesn’t mean Glock doesn’t have future plans to release the Glock 47 to the civilian market at a later date.

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