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On February 15th, Governor Spencer Cox signed constitutional carry into law in the state of Utah. This new law allows any Utah resident 21 years of age or older the ability to conceal carry firearms without a permit. The new constitutional carry law goes into effect on May 5th, 2021. Until then, all pervious laws still apply.

The new law also creates a Suicide Prevention and Education Fund. This fund will take a portion of the concealed carry permit application fees and use the monies to fund, “suicide prevention efforts that include a focus on firearm safety as related to suicide prevention.”

Back in 2013 a similar bill passed the Utah legislature but, was vetoed by former Governor Gary Herbert. That bill was known as HB76 in Utah. The legislature of Utah was unable to override that veto by Governor Herbert.

Utah now becomes the 17th state to adopt constitutional carry laws within their state. Montana recently joined those ranks as number 18. While it appears that Indiana is moving towards constitutional carry laws.

Utah currently has reciprocity with 36 states conceal carry permit. The state has a positive reputation without out of state residents on the ease to obtain a CCW permit. Permits are still available for residents and non-residents under the old laws. Utah residents who seek to carry in other states will need to obtain a permit. This law also keeps intact the provisional concealed carry law for adults 18 to 20. This provision allows them to obtain a ccw permit for self defense purposes if there is an immediate and real threat.

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