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Tyranny, stands at our door step. Now, more than ever we must recognize what this tyranny means for our future, safety, and our nation. We stand upon the precipice looking down at a moment that can drastically change the very fabric of this nation. We face the impending consequences of a blind and ignorant populace. Who clamor for safety and security at any cost. Even at the price of their own freedoms and liberties. As, of now we gaze into the abyss of tyranny by men and governments.

Actions will be put into motion upon our behalf in the guise of safety, security, and of saving lives. When, tyranny appears it always take the appearance of benevolence and hope. Behind that facade of benevolence and hope is nothing but, subjugation and authoritarianism.

The powers that be will promise you safety and security. In kind they will take your rights and liberties with your permission. They seek to have willful participants in the restrictions of your rights and freedoms. No, need to take by force what is freely given.

Today, President Biden will take executive actions on gun control. His administration has taken the deadly shootings in Atlanta and Boulder as a way to act on their extensive anti-gun policies. Instead, of investigating the symptoms that lead to these acts of violence. The foster this narrative as the tool being the perpetrator. Instead of the predators that perpetrated the violence. The tool is metaphoric but, the violence will remain if we don’t understand and identify precursors that lead to this violence. So, we can work to
mitigate these deadly acts of violence when we have the right tools and perspectives.

Over the next 60 days President Biden through executive order seeks to have legislation created on “ghost guns”, banning stabilizing braces, red flag laws, and much more. President Biden and his administration take this action under the guise of safety in our nation. As, he consciously acts in defiance of our constitutional freedoms and liberties.

The actions that President Biden will not curve gun violence or these horrific and deadly shootings. His administration seeks to go after end result, instead of investigating what led to this escalation of violence. The answer to the problem of violence is complex and nuanced. Which means so should be it’s solution. Yet, Biden administration chooses the most politically expedient and lazy responses of placing the blame on firearms.

Now, we stand at the mercy of tyranny from the government under the guise of safety and security. Today, actions by President Biden will shape and drastically change this country. The precedent the President is setting will have irrevocable damage upon our freedoms, liberties, and constitution. Today, we will witness the tyranny of men and governments.

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