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Yesterday, Firearms Regulatory Accountability Coalition sent out a press release in regards to President Biden’s gun control executive orders. The letter was written by FRAC’s President Travis R. Stevens-White to the members and supporters of FRAC and the firearms community. Below, is the press release.

Press Release

Dear Industry Members, Allies, and Supporters,

We are nearing witness to an unprecedented assault on the firearms industry, the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution writ large by the current administration. President Biden’s plan to unleash a wave of executive orders to compel regulatory actions targeting our industry is not only only a complete dereliction of law—it is an outright assault on cherished freedoms as Americans. By bypassing Congress, President Biden has sidestepped the very legislative safeguards envisioned by the Founding Fathers to protect the American people from the tyranny at the hands of unilateral rule by an executive branch government. FRAC stands ready to meet such regulatory abuses head-on in Congress and in court. We will not waiver in our commitment to defend the industry and the fundamental tenets of fair and accountable government.

To those who stand against our industry, we say only this—we see you and our lawyers are ready.

In Liberty,
Travis R. Stevens-White
President & CEO

To find out more about FRAC, visit

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