Over the few last weeks and months, I have been trying to contemplate my roll as a firearms owner, writer, and advocate in the firearms community. That introspection on this matter has lead me to a very interesting realization. That realization was that, “Everyone wants to be a gangster until…it’s time to do gangster shit.” Let me explain.

I have noticed when it is time to rally and strike against the tyranny from the government and protect our rights we fall silent. That lack of action and strength of will is deafening and disheartening if you begin to peel back the layers. We must be ready to mobilize in these times of crisis and uncertainty when it comes to our rights. The ramifications of our silence will echo through to future generations of Americans leaving their freedoms and rights in jeopardy.

That moment in time bought me to this profound realization. That their aren’t many gangsters in this community. Now, for some context on how I got to this point.

ATF Proposed Rule Change On Firearms & Receivers

Back in late April Firearm Policy Coalition leaked information about a potential rule change on the horizon in regards to firearms and receivers. A week or so later the ATF posted it on so that Americans could post their rebuttal to the potential rule change.

As, soon as I found out that it was available to make a comment about this proposed new definition I left a comment. This snapped me out of my reflection and into action for the community. I started posting and sharing stories about letting your voice be heard by the ATF. We need a strong and united main effort to push back this assault on our freedoms. I was doing all I can to inform the people and move them to action.

As, I scrolled through social media feed I seen firearm advocacy organizations like Firearm Policy Coalition, FRAC, NRA, and etc advising people to leave a comment. Even going the extra step and posting it within their bio or adding a link to a story tile. I seen prominent firearm pages and content creators trying to spread the message as well. I seen post and stories from Mr. Guns and Gear, Iraqiveteran8888, Coilon Noir, Garand Thumb, and others calling the community to action. I also seen funny memes being made bashing the ATF and the stupidity of proposed rule. So, the push was there within the community, initially.

Over the days that followed I seen less from the community. I witnessed less mentions, less posts and stories in regards to commenting on the rule change. Then, this pervious week our main attention had turned to the David Chipman Senate Committee Hearing as nominee of the Director for the ATF. So, I know that our focus was shifted but, that doesn’t mean we can’t still promote the other.

While others shifted focused I stayed trying to encourage the community to leave a comment and be heard. These rebuttal are essential because if they move forward it will be disastrous for the firearm community and industry. So, our voice is critical at this moment.

Yet, as I continued to encourage the community. I wasn’t seeing the exponential growth in comments being left. We averaged about 1,000 comments a day. Those numbers are disheartening and troubling to me. This community is to big and boisterous about our rights to have such little turn out. To see how troubling it truly is, let’s look into some numbers.

Pew Research & Firearm Ownership

Pew Research conducted study that found 42% of Americans say they or someone in their household owns a firearm, and 22% of individuals (about 72 million) report owning a firearm. So, we have roughly 72 million gun owners in America with close to 400 million firearms in this nation alone. We average about 120.5 per 100 people.

That means that if only 1% of Gun owners left a comment we would have 7200,000 comments at minimum. If we want to be generous and say 3-5% of the 72 million people commented that would be 2.16-3.6 million comments.

So, can someone explain to me as of right now why we are sitting at 9,550 comments on this proposed rule change!? Yes, you read that right 9,550 comments. It’s completely and utterly pathetic response to such a pivotal potential rule change.

I began to think to myself, “Why isn’t the community taking more action.” As, I looked around social media I seen memes roasting the ATF about the proposed rule changes. People making posts about the issue at hand. The prominent advocacy organizations and content creators within the community talking about it. Showing the flaws and hypocrisy of ATF’s logic. What I failed to see was any significant action being taken. I noticed that people where saying one thing and doing another. Which lead me to a realization about the community.

That everybody wants to be a gangster until…it’s time to do gangsta shit. What I see is a community who likes to clang their metaphorical swords and shields. Lament about the tyranny of government and the ATF. Yet, are unwilling to take the personal responsibility to stand up and take action. You do not get negotiate your activism when your rights are on the line. You either fight to defend your freedoms now or suffer the chains of tyranny and oppression.

The Complexities Of The 2A Community

It seems like so many people like to play the role of gangster. These people share and repost the sentiment and thoughts of the community. Scouring the web to create the freshest ATF/anti-government memes. While going on rants about oppression, freedom, and liberty. Then, when the dust settles and laws have changed they will be the first to complain about injustice and tyranny. Yet, when we win they are the first to the winner’s circle for doing nothing.

As, I see it the community is too interested in running its collective mouth instead of taking action. The community is always reactive instead of proactive. We should be setting up the narrative about our community and industry. We should be building positive culture around the principles of freedom and liberty. Instead, we bitch and moan about systems in place instead of building our own.

We don’t hold ourselves accountable within the community. Like now, this rule change should be an issue until the ATF backs down on the rule change. We need to encourage people on it until we start seeing numbers surge. So, the ATF gets the message this is unacceptable. In December the community accomplished that with stabilizing brace proposed rule change. I know it’s possible to mobilize our community.

The community need to hold our elected officials accountable to us. We need to challenge them on gun control and our rights. We need to make sure they are fighting for us and upholding the oath to protect and defend the constitution. If not blast them and explain why. They will tell us they are but, we know they aren’t. So, hold them accountable and don’t play the political games. Everyone is held to account both democrat or republican.

Finally, we need to unify as a community. The FUDDs, Brovets & veterans, military, Special Forces community, and civilians need to get on the same page. This internal struggle for some type of alpha dominance thing needs to disappear. Everyone is always throwing damn shade on someone else. You may disagree fine. Yet, there are two things we should never do to each other. Strip someone rights away because you don’t want it or don’t use it. Prime example i.e. bump-stocks. Two, always support each other and look to continue to grow the community.


What I’ve come to learn some of people are just acting the part but, ain’t about doing the work. If you don’t believe me go look at those pathetic and ridiculously low comment numbers. We don’t need keyboard/social media gangsters. We need gangsters that’s gonna to put in that work, will stand tall to defend their freedoms, and protect liberty no matter the price.

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