Memorial Day is a call to remembrance. A moment to remember the fallen of this great nation. These men have shed precious blood and given their lives for the principles and ideals of this nation for the past 200 plus years. It is in this moment…in this day that we remember their sacrifice to our great nation. It is a time that our country should wholeheartedly embrace and remember their sacrifice. It is because of the sacrifices of these men we are able to have the freedoms and liberties we hold so dear. 

These men who laid down their lives believed in something greater than themselves. They believed in the principles and ideals of this nation. A belief was so profound that they took the oath to serve this nation. To protect and defend the United States and the U.S. Constitution against its enemies foreign or domestic. Knowing that one day they could potentially be asked to pay the ultimate price. To give their life for this nation.

From the birth of this nation Americans have sought to protect the principles and ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice. They stood up against a Monarchy of Great Britain that sought to weld forceful control over them , tax them, and limit our rights and freedoms. American colonists took up arms and rid themselves from the tyranny and oppression of the crown.

Throughout the generations many Americans have answered the call to defend this great nation. From the pivotal and controversial Civil War. To the forests and trenches of Belleau Wood and the Argonne during World War I. To beaches of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and Iwo Jima in the Pacific. To landing on the beaches of Normandy and the liberation of Europe from Axis powers in World War II. In the frozen fields and hills of the Chosin Reservoir and beaches of Inchon in Korea. To the jungles of Vietnam. To the deserts and valleys of the Middle East in the War On Terror.

These men have fought, lived, sacrificed in the harshest conditions known to man. Seen the ugliness and beauty of the human spirit. Witness the savages of war that has taken their lives. For what? In the firm belief that they where fighting for something greater than themselves. They where fighting to protect our way of life, freedoms, and liberties. So, that America can continue to be shining light of hope and prosperity to the world.

To honor their ultimate sacrifice we have erected monuments to immortalize their sacrifice. It is also a place where we may go to pay respect to the men of this nation who have sacrifice their all for this country. Upon those monuments are the names of the men who died in defense of this nation. Who shed precious blood and sacrificed their lives for the freedom we hold so dear today and for the many that take it for granted. On this Memorial Day take a moment and honor them and their sacrifice to this nation. They are our warriors, protectors, and honored dead because they paid the ultimate sacrifice. So, honor them.

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